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The leather granite has a matte feel. Very similar to this:
I just moved into a new space and the property manager is allowing me to choose the new countertops. Going for an industrial and salvaged feel. Decided on a dark leather granite for the primary counter space. Trying to figure out the best choice for the bar top counter. Thinking reclaimed wood. Only problem is that I'm stuck with the same damn cabinets that were already here, so I've got to figure out a solution that will tie it back together. This isn't what I do -- I...
As of today, the morning of. Just drove 10 hours to Brooklyn, making our plans as we go along. Thanks iPhone (and the lovely Wayfarette for having friends here)!
I agree with others, sidestep the use of the word "aperitif." It'll make you sound pompous and desperate to impress. I know that's what it's called, I call it that too, but there's just a certain connotation to it that's unattractive when dropping it around new people. Confidence is cool. Being somewhat of an alpha-male is cool. But don't cop too much of an attitude. And don't talk about yourself too much, even if what you do is more interesting than the lives of...
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS Where do you live Wayfarer? I feel like these "secret menu" type Chinese restaurants are only found in the midwest or some small city where there's not a huge asian population. Here in the bay area Chinese restaurants just have one menu. Columbus, OH. So yes, very much in the heart of the Midwest. Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx They probably assumed you wouldn't enjoy it. Then...
Recently my girlfriend and I went to her friend's family's Chinese restaurant for dinner and I encountered something a bit odd. I knew full well they had a "secret menu" typically not offered to most American patrons and had discussed it with her friend previously. Once we got there and were seated, she gave us our menus and said what we had discussed previously was on the back under the Taiwanese section. I looked it over and was pretty bummed about how pedestrian...
I was there a few months back doing some video/motion graphic work for the Aveda Institute. I was slammed with work the entire week, but I did manage to grab a chicken biscuit across the street at Time-Out. It rules. Get one, or five.
Can't say I've ever had ram testicles, seal flippers, or putrefied shark but I'd love to give it all a try.
Oh shit, I would totally get down on some Þorramatur: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Eorramatur
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Good for seal hunting. That, of course, is the primary purpose of this trip.
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