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Been awhile since I posted any finds  [[SPOILER]]   Church Custom Grade "Fighting Seal" Loafers 
          Is this Real?       Any info on these Church's? They say Made in Italy. 
 Went back and got the rest. First 4 on the left are marked CH 
I really like the wool and cashmere ties. The texture is really neat and they are great fall colors. I left about 10 silk patterned B&J ties there. Seems like somebody was a fan. I don't wear ties often enough to warrant them but if it's a brand worth grabbing for anybody I would be happy to.
Gotcha. Yea it was just a recognizable designer so I picked it up. I'm only out 99c on it so I don't feel too bad. I can always re donate it if anything.I appreciate the feedback though! It's a really neat hobby and this is a great community. Glad I finally had something to contribute
I'm guessing something in there is fake? I really don't know enough to tell if that's case. Help me out?
Figured it out. Although I dont know how to spoiler so I apologize for blasting yall with my poor pics.                                 
Pretty long time lurker here. This thread has inspired me to go thrifting and has really supplemented my post-graduate work wardrobe. I usually find run of the mill brooks brother,polo, etc. But today was pretty special. Made a stop before I went to the gym and found 8 Bullock&Jones ties (4 wool, 4 cashmere) 2 Kiton sevenfolds, 2 Sulka, and 3 RT Best of Class. I also found a really awesome Dunhill camel wool blend sport coat with working cuffs and ticket pocket. It's tiny....
I usually just lurk but I made an account just for this topic. I was in a very similar situation as you a few weeks ago. I'm a 23 year old recent college grad ( December 13) and started work 2 months ago. We were asked to wear a suit for the orientation to take badge pictures. That was the only time a suit was appropriate. People in the office just don't wear suits. I did for about a week before I realized on my own I looked like an ass. No more suits. Ever. The...
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