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Under $200 could be tuff? I own these from Fluevog: Also available in brown, cost me $300 and a bit CDN. They do have a couple of styles for $200 and change on clearance.
Ray-Ban, I have a similar pair (teardrop/shape lenses) with a silver frame and aviator-green lenses. Think those are called the Highstreet RB3250
Not certain what factors in but I will say this, out of all my belts Prada, Gucci, CK, Boss etc. the two that I always go back too are the two I bought from Banana Republic one black and one brown. Both are simple clean suit belts, with all the wear and tear all the stitching is intact, no pulls in the holes nor have they scuffed from my BlackBerry holster.
March issue? Rachel Bilson is on the cover of the current GQ I'm reading.
That's a great looking shoe, not bad at $360
Great idea, I have a whack of ties I no longer wear. I just might follow your lead!
Great band! Guess make a low rise jean called/style "Rancho" I think? Essentially a boot cut with a wider opening at the ankle and slimmer in the thigh.
Well said, I've been in sales for years so gift of the gab has never been a biggie. I remember doing the rounds at my wedding and like Ambulance Chaser said, if you lead in with something like how are things? Are you enjoying yourself? The rest of the convo will generally start to flow. Honestly you'll be talking to tables more than you will individuals, don't stress, let it happen and enjoy it because the day and night will over quicker then you think. ...
I just got a pair myself, also have and oversized pair of Paul Smith frames. Maybe a guilty pleasure but I'm fortunate to have to good friends who work in the industry catering to high end clientèle. I have an on going love with Theo, ProDesign and LA Eyeworks Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I have a pair of decidely oversized Cutler & Gross frames in black; very '60s.
NIce! I kind of dig the boots! Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface More like theFascistSpot.
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