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+1; as well, easy decision.
Exactly my thoughts, off the top of my head I can think of three Banana Republic blazers/sport coats I own that are light grey with a pinstripe, pale yellow and another in tan that I mix and match with pants all the time. Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday You mention that many of the prosecutors wear sportscoats. Is that an option for you? If so, you have a wide range of colorful options.
I prefer a lighter (Tan, Camel, Beige) belt with a lighter faded jean and a (Brown, or Chocolate) with darker denim.
Dream job: Designer (Industrial, interior) Fantasy job: Rock star (drummer)
Stick with the original, one of those timeless classics that shouldn't be messed with.
I have a .Mac account with Apple. I'm going to transition to the following very soon, just debating the 500GB or 1TB? Time Capsule
My Seamaster is 5-6yrs. old and the clasp is marked to all heck from day to day wear and tear. Not surprised at all...
Could always dry clean them? If you do put them in the washing machine turn them inside-out, this way the color will bleed into the jeans.
Granted their the only pair I own but I've been happy with them. They've held up real well and this winter has been a pretty rough one to date in Toronto, ON. Quote: Originally Posted by robin ^ Speaking from my past experiences with Fluevog's shoes (including that boot), the leather is shit.
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