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Unless you've been told its a going to be a casual meet, a suit is probably a better way to go, if anything a dress pants and a blazer or sports coat. Maybe its me but the whole chino, polo thing seem far to laid back for an interview. Remember you're also making an impression one which you usually only get one shot at.
I wear a smaller know with a pointed collar and bigger knot with a wider collar.
My lifeline, I've been using a BlackBerry for so long I can even recall. Stability, reliability, security and ease, what else could someone ask for.
Heavens; did you buckle over in laughter? I would have... Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I once saw a middle-aged man wearing acid-washed denim everything with a dyed blonde mullet. It was fabulous.
sneakers: Nike Shox (Black Leather & Adidas Gazelles Black) misc. shoe: Cole Haan (Air Barton Venetian) Jeans: True Religion Joey and G-Star Boot Trousers: Banana Republic Khaki (Dawson) Casual Shirt: RL (RUGBY) Pink Polo Dress Shirt: Boss (Brown Pinstripe on Beige) w/Cuffs Sweater: Banana Republic Cashmere V-Neck
I could definitely see myself doing the second pair with a pair of jeans for a casual day on the family on the weekend.
I would have to say nay, wedding is more so the brides day. Being said we kept it real subtle at my wedding, my groomsmen wore a hankie/puff in their tux jacket breast pockets that were made from the same material as the bridesmaids dresses.
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Gold! Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Ah, young grasshopper, let me give you an analogy. You, I hope, have seen the female body in its nudity, its natural form. Does this prevent you from oohing and ahhing at the next female body that presents itself?
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