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They may have been altered/tapered through the thigh to give the look of a larger flare/opening at the ankle?
Make sure you purchase a good spray protector. I spray my suedes every three mo's or so and they've held up really well. Certainly not a winter item in my parts but even so I just wear my rubbers on top for snowy days.
Not certain if your after the brand or style? Brand I can't help you, as for style they look to Boot Cut jeans.
H&M, GAP, Zara, Banana Republic (Outlet), Target, Old Navy (Sometimes), Club Monaco.
I as well have had a sweater taken in for a slimmer/polished look. Just find a competent tailor. Quote: Originally Posted by G.P. yes,i have had several sweaters taken in in both the sleeves and sides.
- Rest - Magazines - Movies/TV - Tea/Soup - Browse the web - Catch up on work if possible
+1 for Godaddy. I've had my domains and hosting with them for years, honestly I can't even recall any major issues during my time with them. Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah For cheap, there is Godaddy with plans at $2 per month.
Not a huge cocktail fan but I will have a Manhattan every now and then.
Thanks! I still chuckle when I think about Anchor Man, great flick.
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