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I usually do a classic pair of kicks; Stan Smith, low cut Chuck's or plain white lace up Vans.
That's and excellent tip, thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Go by the wrist, not the shirt. Relax your arm, let it hang straight down. Bend your thumb up as if you are hitch hiking. The notch/corner at the wrist above the bend of your thumb is a good length for your jacket sleeve. Shirt sleeve falls just below that point. With this method you know if the shirt is too long or too short or if it is the jacket sleeve length that needs...
My son is into Diego; Dora's cousin from what I understand. Very funny!
I keep a plain hem on mine. I had cuffs on a pair a while back I never really cared for it.
So true and its sad that he has such status when others who are far more skilled and qualified for that matter have to be judged by someone they could easily shame in a culinary battle. Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 The worst kept secret about Bourdain is that he's not a good chef. He's not even a decent one, just a famous one because of his big mouth. Seeing him on Top Chef as a guest judge along the lines of Ripert or Keller makes me cringe -...
Truth be told its a classic, I'm sure any designer by todays standard would have such an offering in their collections? I myself own two, one from Boss in black the other Banana Republic in beige.
Good point! Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven you realize, that any fullness is hiding behind his back. they mayhave even pinned the shirt in place!
Exactly, my body would fit fine into a 15-15.5 shirt, I have a large Adams Apple which usually require me to purchase a 16 collar, in return I end up with added fabric in the body. A competent tailor can take in a dress shirt for you. Quote: Originally Posted by Neo1824 To get close to this I have to have almost all of my shirts tailored. I feel it is worth the $15 or so because I also hate the billowing effect around the waist.
If you are going to go sleeveless I prefer the sleeveless T, something of this variety.
I guess I have the pleasure of my blue birds (Jays) attempting to sell year seven I think it is now of their five year plan to compete. Even if we stay healthy which seem to be the curse of late, Roy Halladay aside I still think we're weak on pitching. Should be interesting but Boston appears to be in the midst of a dynasty which seems unstoppable at the moment.
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