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Just don't know what it is with paisley, seems to resurface every 4-5 yrs and every time I see it I still find it to busy a print for clothing.
Good call! Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Hem tape over the stitch should fix that up.
Do you wear a slim or wide leg pant? I prefer a wider pant/slacks and I've never had an issue with my boots that have quick lace hooks. Just a thought...
Very nice, very classic. I prefer the Stowa Antea.
I try to keep buttoned when upright, unbuttoned when seated. Sometimes I forget altogether and just go unbuttoned.
Good Times, Bad Times (Led Zeppelin) - Godsmack Shape of Things to Come (George Benson) - Jimmy Page - Black Crowes Hush (Deep Purple) - Kula Shaker Hair of the Dog (Nazereth) - Guns n' Roses Whiskey in the Jar (Thin Lizzy) Metallica Die, Die My Darling (The Misfits) Metallica Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys) Pearl Jam Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkle) - Lemonheads Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison) - Van Halen Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol) - Nouvelle Vague Saturday Nights Alright for...
Myself I find the search is great for jumping to exactly what I'm after right from the get-go within the B/S.
Chunky hands down, extra chunky when I come across it!
I only clean my suits if there is a stain/spill or soiled by dirt from the winter etc. Most times I just have them pressed which keeps them crisp and polished. In the case of dog hair those sticky tape rollers work like I charm. I have a Pug and I use my roller on everything to remove pet hair, suits, coats, jacket, sweater etc. There cheap, purchase a couple and keep one at home, car and work!
I'm 5' 8" and a bit, wouldn't mind being a bit taller but I'm content.
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