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Boss personally, I'm an eyewear fanatic -- three close friends in the biz and the fact I can't see 10ft in front of me doesn't help any! If you do go with D&G my understanding is the D&G collection is a cheaper line of frames then those that have the Dolce & Gabbana moniker on the arms. @zjpj83 exactly, eye wear is very hit and miss and should be tried before purchase. FWIW there's some great designer eyewear available beyond Boss, D&G etc. Paul Smith LA...
I took my 3yr old to see WALL-E this weekend, both of us thought it was great!
Myself I was 27 yrs of age, the property itself cost my 300k.
I stop in one and a while when my wife needs to stop into the Bra-Barn (think its called) down the way on Hazelton Lane. On my last visit one of the girls were sweet enough to give my two year old a balloon to keep him occupied I wish she would have also assisted as well instead of the punk I got stuck with, seems the case with most visits and I've come to loath their staff. With respect to the website your spot on thebestofall, a drive down to the store is the only real...
I think this is the year the Jays finally have their coming out party and contend, if anything its year six JP has been selling said fact. If healthy (and thats a huge if) based on the last couple seasons but you can't deny the Jays starting rotation, pen and all around slugging potential. Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Yankees fans are especially stoked. 1pm game today vs. Toronto. Last Home opener at the old stadium. Make that a 2pm...
like you I'm also not a big fan of sneakers, I stick to the classics in the summer with shorts, capri's etc. low cut Chuck Taylor's, Stan Smith's or Vans usually do the trick.
Can't go wrong with a pair of Chuck's at most they'll probably set you back a $50 or so.
I'm using the Jawbone BT Headset, little more money then I was hoping to spend but worth every penny. http://www.jawbone.com/colors.php
Pictures would be great, I have just that hold up as well with the site. Links that don't work and the swatches samples could be better displayed, even at a zoom the site needs work. Quote: Originally Posted by norton My one complaint is that their web site isn't very good. The fabrics aren't described as well as they could be, some of the pictures of swatches don't show up, and some fabrics choices appear when I'm not logged in, but don't appear after...
Do you exfoliate or use a facial scrub/wash? If not try doing so in the morn and before bed.
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