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No real need, if anything purchases via existing balance might be a bit quicker. Direct from bank has a 5-10 day lag, for that reason I just have purchases billed directly to my credit card.
I own two, one from H&M (wool) the other Banana Republic (Cashmere). If that fails try A&F they offer a "muscle fit" which tends to be more tailored and tighter fitting or AE which offer a similar "vintage fit". Banana Republic is showing some really nice cardigans for F/W 08 Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingTitle I think a vest combined with a nice dress shirt can be one of the most powerful tools in a man's arsenal. However, for some reason, real...
I have a couple Diesel polos which have a "D" type logo stitched in.
A good tailor is everything! I'm far from tall but like you off the rack suits look boxy or frumpy on me. I have a great tailor in my area who can tailor my suits for usually under $50 and give me the cut and definition I'm after. Unless it's tailor made I find OTR/RTW suits require some sort of alteration.
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