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Some preference will come into play with the fit your comfortable with. Myself I like my T's to have a little more fit to them, in the case of yours I'd suggest going down a size if it doesn't shrink to your liking. Congrats on the weight loss! You may want to consider trying on an AA shirts at one of their location to firm up size and fit before purchasing online.
I wear the Deep V shirts by American Apparel:
Beat me to it! Club Monaco shirts also fit me really well, can't complain about the quality either. With new lines every eight weeks or so good deals are always to be had. I just purchased a slim fitting button down over the weekend for $29 -- Regular $99 Quote: Originally Posted by mzeasy Club Monaco makes the best fit that I have tried so far (I don't try anything above $100). Their slim-fits are around $70-90 usually, but they go on sale occasionally...
- Tapering my shirts for minimal bilk when tucked - Slim/Skinny ties - Straight leg pants - RAW/Designer denims
If your using XP choose a previous restore point and restart, hopefully that will do the trick, if not try the following:
Yes, and no it shouldn't be outrageously priced. Any competent tailor I've been to offers such a service, mine for eg. charges $15 to take-in a dress shirt. Quote: Originally Posted by kleny i also own a few dress shirts that have too much material around the waist..would it be a good idea to bring it to a tailor and have it fitted? would it be too expensive for the type and cost of shirt ($75)?
Its the image right off the web site, nice coat if I do say so myself. Quote: Originally Posted by LooseChange Holy crap, that looks great on you. Ugh, damn you tall people.
Would look great with denim. Quote: Originally Posted by redmania Do you think they would work well with dark denim?
You may want to start here: before you get flamed and picked apart
I'd go with either #1 or #4, though #4 would be my preference.
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