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Another big fan of Cutler and Gross, they just have such a presence to them you can't help but notice, yet classy, classic and cool in their designs. I just got the below:
Late to the parade but I was just talking about this with a friend. If they're still available I'm not certain? Designed by Cutler and Gross of London. I own the below myself:
Quote: Originally Posted by AB01 Korrey's 569 Danforth. High quality and brands. Got a sportcoat and Hugo Boss slim FC shirt before other stores had such a thing. People still shop there? Should be closed just for their lame radio ads... - Holt Renfrew on Bloor - Harry Rosen on Bloor - Yorkville bunch of great higher end shops and boutiques - Bloor St. between Yonge and Avenue Rd. Everything from GAP, Banana, Gucci, LV, Lacoste, Prada,...
Edit: Forgot you are protected with PayPal, up to 2k I think if your a verified PayPal member.
Sounds like a scam, I never leave feedback until I've received the item purchased. Did you pay with PayPal? I know their also owned by eBay but if you did start a claim right away I've found them pretty good at investigating complaints and have been refunded twice myself, once a seller that never shipped and another on faulty goods.
There's an excellent steak house inside the Paris hotel (so my wife and I thought), sorry the name eludes me at the moment. If there's quality entertainment at the Paris it is also well worth it, wife and I saw Denis Miller, excellent live venue.
Hard to choose... Eddie Van Halen Robert Cray Eric Clapton Santana SRV Duane Allman
Toronto, ON - Canada
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