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I own a more recent pair of "Made in China" boots, and a 10 year old pair of "Made in England". The ones made in England are 100 times better. The quality difference is amazing.
You are going to want a tech jacket for rain and bad weather mane
I'd try a bootcut if they had that available.
I just purchased a pair of Levis 501 STF 36X 34 Compared to the APC Rescues, how do these fit? I am interested in a larger leg opening at the bottom, not as tappered. The STF are tight on my thighs and little baggy on my ass, tight in the waist but still waiting to stretch back. What size would I want in the Rescues? I would probably go longer and get them hemmed just to be safe.
Those have the exact pocket stiching as a pair of abercrombie and fitch jeans I have that are around 3-4 years old.
I recently ordered a pair of 501 STF jeans. I am going to experiment with them, unfortunately I wear a suit 5 days a week and cannot wear them everyday. I wish I had thought of this back in college. I will post some pics in a few months when they get broken in.
I own two Marmot jackets, one is heavier, one is lightwieght and water-proof. I have them for practical reasons, I thought it was interesting they are considered stylish. GQ actually has a short article about this in their latest issue.
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