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PM sent on the 7Ds
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy what kind of shoes you got on there? I love the color.
Quote: Originally Posted by plotter You by far have the worst taste in shoes. The lidforts are fugly with its squared toe design and extra wide sole. Jeez. I gotta disagree on your taste in shoes. I find the Polo shoes to be very nice. But I'm broke. Just thought I'd defend those your sense of style.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartort +1. As much as I have complained about this in previous posts, I didn't notice this at all on TV. I noticed it in the email Ralph sent me this morning where it was more obvious, but in reality it wasn't that big a deal. I thought they were rather well turned out. I agree about losing the hats. I liked Norway's piped coats. I said this in the French knit tie thread, but it might bear repeating as I really...
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr I doubt his chest is that large. You must have missed those kettlebells on the he's trying to get huge. Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Nonsense - the tie looks fine and presents a nice dose of individuality I like in a candidate. A sea of boring ties blending with the wallpaper is quite appalling The jacket is not a wonderful fit (note next time please) but I am sure...
Just make sure you don't wear anything that draws attention to what you're wearing. They should be more focused on your credentials (your resume and your personality) than your sense of style. I don't think a light blue shirt will cause anyone's monocle to fall into their teacup.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Where is the elephant gun?
These people are lightning quick...I need to step up my game.
Is it me or are there a lot of items with no size to be found anywhere in the listing? You might want to include this info on your listings.
too late again...
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