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Quote: Originally Posted by DChan Have you gotten laser surgery? Does anyone know the success ratio of laser surgery is? What happens if it doesn't go well? You lose your eyes, of course. I've gotten lasik done, and if you aren't a good candidate (if your corneas are too thin to shave down with the laser) then they can't operate on you. However, if you are a good candidate, you should have perfect (or if it doesn't go well) near perfect...
Close. I'm graduating in May. Unfortunately, nothing lined up like a lot of ppl. A good offer disappeared because of the economy. Fortunately, I have some interviews lined up so I am looking to land on my feet. Hence the want for the navy blue interview suit. I can go with the charcoal suit I have, but I like the idea of having a navy blue in my rotation.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself Thanks, Tomasso. Now, back to gsxrlawyer: what is your price range? Thanks for the replies. My price range for a full suit would be ~$500. I knew it would be a very difficult task to find the pants to go with the jacket. I figured my best chance was to ask here. I had originally bought the jacket at place that got stuff handed down from Nordstrom Rack (so almost an outlet of an outlet). The...
Man, if this was navy blue I'd snag it. The measurements look good for me too.
I have an orphaned suit jacket that I want to pair up with matching pants for a full suit. i've been having a hard time finding a decent navy suit in my size at my price range so I figured I'd pair up the odd jacket that fit me so well off the rack. According to the tag, the suit jacket is a Hickey Freeman for Nordstroms. My google search skills must be lacking because I couldn't come up with anything useful. I figured the gurus at styleforum can help. Nordstrom...
I'd like to see pics too.
It's a shame they don't have any stores in Florida. They don't even sell online!
Thanks. I am gonna try it tomorrow morning as I dress for work.
Student on a budget here. I am looking for a good navy blazer I can pair with other business casual stuff I'd wear at a law firm. I'm looking for a size 36S. Slimmer fit would be nice but I can't be too picky with about $100.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Ha! When I said I wouldn't have any other sizes, I was wrong. I still have them in 8.5D. Those will go quick
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