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Quote: Originally Posted by celeste_pista it was ridiculously cheap, 345 iirc, i just missed it Looks like I missed out too. The buyer got a great deal on what looks to be a great staple piece in a rare size.
Price drop bump.
I got this beauty as a gift for graduating and passing the bar, but I find that I need cash for other things rather than a fine briefcase at this point in my young career. When I do go to court, I'm the guy sitting second or third chair and I'm hauling in boxes of documents on a hand cart for the partner, rather than carrying this sweet briefcase for oral argument in front of the SCOTUS. It has not been used, except when I walk around the house pretending to be a big...
I think we need a 36s/38s support group. However, it's more likely that we'd snatch things up before telling anyone because actual 36s measurements in staples seem hard to come by. I don't know if anyone is in the South Florida area, but the off 5th saks at sawgrass has a decent amount of 36s (although most is calvin klein and saks house brand stuff) with the occasional mainline zegna or armani available. The barneys outlet also has a decent amount of 36s in stock (but...
Man, I'm tempted to buy this in case I get married in the next 5 years. I would be set. Too bad I don't go to enough black tie events right now, but this is a killer deal.
Awaiting all the other hungry sharks in this thread.
pm sent
there are some good videos and pics on Good info about the major compound lifts and some good nutrition ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by scohrdarkshadow Actually I've heard a good number of Ray Ban's are made in China. As are a lot of luxury goods. It's becoming pretty rare to see even luxury goods that aren't made in China nowadays. Sunglasses are one area where a lot of people can get away with cheapies, because the sunglasses will frequently get lost, sat on, or destroyed in some other way.
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq This has happened to me at least 3 times. It always shows up the next day. I would give it another day. As others have mentioned, either they scan it a day early or their system is just inaccurate. This happened to me recently. USPS's online delivery confirmation said delivered, but didn't come until the next day. Very strange.
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