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Gorgeous pair. Never had G&Gs, what's the deal with this particular last, does it fit as normal or slightly tight (narrow)?
hi - are the arm holes considered high/snug, or more 'conservative'?
what suit size do u wear?
Can u post measurements.
Could u post measurements.
Can u post dimensions
can anyone tell me how much slimmer the slim fit merino sweater is compared to the regular fit. fit pics would be even better...tks!
What's the fit like on these? Slim or conservative?
Yes, brought home my first suit from V today. Great experience. In fact , picked fabric for a second suit after the 2nd fitting cuz I just knew the first one was going to turn out great. I had known about Mr Ned for several years after going to Carl for shirts. But never bothered cuz I was kinda getting by with BB otr suits. Having finished the first one with V I can never go back to BB. Looking forward to next fall to pick out some other fabrics. Will post a few pics...
same questions - so do these fit TTS, or 1/2 size down cuz they are alden even though they are branded for BB?
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