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My first post on this thread.     FW14 Grey Herringbone Bedford SS14 Navy Truman Vest (got as a gift. I think it's SS14 but not sure) FW14 Brown Spread Collar Checked Twill Shirt FW14 Olive NyCo Fatigue Pants   The car is not mine btw.
 Thanks, would you say the utility jackets come out a little bit bigger than Bedfords? The only EG jacket I have right now is SS14 Olive Ripstop Bedford.
Do you guys usually size down for EG Workaday Utility Jackets?
I'm looking for any EG, Post Overalls, or similar brands light vest for spring/fall.   I prefer beige or light khaki color in size small.   If anyone is willing to sell, please let me know.   Something like this would be nice...  
Trying to decide between a backpack and a no bag basically.
 Yeah well the problem is, I hate messenger bags and wouldn't get one even if I were to get 10 bags.
 I don't go to grad school and don't wear a suit to work. I don't plan on carrying my bag to work anyways. I'm thinking of using it for travel like carrying my iPad, wallet, keys, cell phone, jacket, etc. while in the airplane. Also thinking of using it for carrying my soccer shoes occasionally when I play soccer. For this purpose, what do you think? Backpack or Messenger Bag?
Backpacks vs. Messenger Bags   A friend of mine says that backpacks are for students and people who are between mid/early 20s to 30s should never carry backpacks but carry messenger bags or side bags instead.   Is this the fashion convention these days? Is a backpack for mid 20s a big no no? What do you guys in SF think?   I have a Freitag Fringe backpack btw.
New Posts  All Forums: