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Any members from the SE MI area know of a good tailor? I need to get some suits/shirts altered and also get some custom made shirts. Thanks in advance.
Quote: I've never tried the Fuente OpusX but am interested in seeing if it lives up to the hype.  I've never been a big Fuente fan personally.  If you can pick up some of those, you can always sell them off if you don't like them--they are hard to find without either major markups or questionable provenance. OpusX is an excellent Cigar - Medium bodied flavorful smoke. Also, try the Ashton Cabinet VSG.
So, let me get this straight - I should be looking for a double breasted shawl collared tux....
I am in the market for a new Tuxedo. Any suggestions? Is double breasted out?
Cigars in most Vegas locations are a rip-off. I've found the best selection with reasonable prices at the Davidoff store in the mall at the Venetian.
I suggest the following Take a hot shower first Wash face with a good cleanser Apply pre shave oil - I use anthony logistics, but you can get others too. Then a good shave gel (not cream) something for sensitive skin. Leave on for a good 5 minutes. Then start shaving with the grain.
Ah. Opus X - excellent choice. Padron Anniversario is fantastic too. Try Ashton Cabinet VSG and Bahia Gold. I think you will like them. The four above are my favorite non-cuban smokes. Enjoy.
In no particular order: Eat at El Bulli Smoke a Davidoff Chateau Latour 1989 Visit all the wonders of the world live long enough to see my great grandkids buy a vineyard in France to retire with the love of my life
You've already discovered my favorite - Lagavulin. Of the classic 6, my fav's in order are: Lagavulin Talisker Oban Cragganmore If you haven't already, try Glenfarclas 17, 21 or 25, Bowmore 17, Ardbeg and Aberlour 15
(1) Charlize Theron (2) Ashley Judd (3) Catherine Zeta Jones Also, I find these "older" women absolutely sensual Sharon Stone Raquel Welch Michelle Pfeiffer Sela Ward
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