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Haha if you put it that way...
Nice but need a better photo taking skill...
Where is all the uk7?!!
I just read this review on the navy soft briefcase by Ian Anderson (From Squalor to Baller). The picture makes me want the navy even more!!!      http://fromsqualortoballer.com/post/99488065295/a-closer-look-linjer-leather-goods-as-many-of
If going for navy briefcase, then need to wait till March. But I can get the cardholder in January, which I'm looking forward to it too.
By the rate it's going, might be able to break the 50,000 goal before the official launch. Btw, when and how am I suppose to pay for the shipping?
Added another Cognac soft briefcase for me, hoping for the navy one too!!
I can hear the sobbing sound from my wallet...
I'm second I guess 
Barefooted is the way to go!!!
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