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I'm one of the participant and T4phage had implied that it's a recreation of old pattern on panama weave silk, as per 1st post of this ​thread. Either way, sorry that it's not what you've expected and I'm sure that others will happily take it off you if you list the tie in the bazaar. 
2 more weeks to go!!!! How's everything coming along? 
 Yeap, I understand that. The settings on my computer will affect the colour shown as well. I will just like to know what options we have on Bonafe's finishing and how it will affect the colour, in general. I know it won't be the exact same shade but at least I'll able to get a close enough idea   Thanks for the warning though!
Wow, but they look so different from each other. If I would like to have the exact shade of your wholecut Etrusco, what should I say in the order?
Hi Leaves, question on colour again. Found these pics from the Bonafe's thread. Do you know what colour are there? 1) The brown wholecut on the left:  [[SPOILER]]   2) Not sure if this is burgundy or Etrusco.  [[SPOILER]]
Nice! Thanks Leaves! Etrusco it is then 
Thanks for the clarification. Anyone have bonafe Etrusco calf shoes? Appreciate if could provide some pictures of the shoes in the wild.
What is the difference between Betis and Vitello?
[[SPOILER]] The navy looks awesome!!! I'm so glad that I went for that. 3 more months to go 
[[SPOILER]]  Thanks for the pictures of Bonafe's designs. Also, it will be helpful if you could provide comparison pictures of Bonafe lasts too, with brief description  
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