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Both of the windowpane looks good to me.
@~ B ~ will be interested in the glencheck, depending on the weight.
Received my orders today, Patrizio is great to deal with, as always!     L to R: Rare red wool challis, Navy twill silk, Red/Orange Madder   All 3 ties are gorgeous, the madder especially so, with the soft hand and the way it knots, everything is spot on! Grab them while it's still available!
I've just placed order on these 2 :)           Anyway, there's a very limited amount of the following drake fabric (green) in twill silk left, maybe down to the last tie length, so if anyone is interested, better get them fast!  
Up for sale is a pair of BNIB Carmina Semi Brogue Inca Last UK7 for $330  $300.    They shipped with Carmina original show box, shoe bag and laces, but excluding the shoe trees.   The shoes is in a pristine condition, only try on. Never been worn outside, as can see from the sole of the shoe.   Shoe located in Malaysia. Please contact me for the shipping, will charge at cost. 
I will be in for the 16881 COL-4, @TweedyProf please keep me posted.
@razl, thanks for mentioning.   If any buyer would quote this thread, I'm willing to bear the shipping cost, which would cost me around $25 for all 3 ties, considering I'm located at the Far East.
Selling the following lightly used (3 times or less) ties, all in great condition:   1. Vanda - Wine Blue Flowers (not in production) $85       Width: 9cm (3.5")     Length: 145cm (57")         2. Vanda - Navy yellow double bar repp $85       Width: 9cm (3.5")     Length: 145cm (57")         3. Henry Carter - Navy/Brown Macclesfield Neat (not in production) $60       Width: 8.5cm (3.25")     Length: 148cm (58")         The price...
I'll be interested in some nice watchstraps :)
That's an awesome green. Maybe you could add it as another colour option in the future, when Linjer is more cash rich :)
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