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I use saphir. Equal mixture of mahagony and dark brown. And finish off with one layer of black but don't think if the black wax make much difference.
Thanks everyone for the compliment. I find Vass is the easiest shoes to shine. It took me around 30-45 mins to get that.   Yea, Oxblood is a must have. Vass shoes is a must have!!!
Going to start easing my new Vass Austerity Brogue Oxblood into rotation tomorrow, after some Sunday polishing work       
wrong post
I need to receive mine before posting any review or comments, which is hopefully soon.   I think to forget that I placed an order will help me to pass my time better :)
 This is the less documented Orient ER2400EW. Stainless steel case, white dial and blue hand. It suits my skin colour the best :)
Just bought myself a new Orient Bambino. Love the blue hand on white dial. Can't stop looking at it while I'm working.      
 That's a nice pair of shoes. Hope that they fits you well. Show pictures when you received them!
Killer shoes with Killer price and it's still not sold... What's happening here?
 Not too sure about that. It seems random to me. Maybe it depends on who's the maker.  Either way, I guess you could convey your preference to Reszo and see what he can do about it. 
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