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Just received my 4 belts order from Equus!   The belts are above my expectation, especially the Mayfair Dark Havana. I can forsee myself wearing that everyday for the next few days :)   Cheers to Charlie and Dawn for the tremendous customer service 
There's 2 more left in stock...
Received my hober ties today              L to R: SF Club tie, Midnight Blue Madder Twill, Dark Chocolate Grossa
Am interested in the vertical and billfold wallet. Agree on the pigskin finish in the wallet Colour: mocha or navy
  Ok now I'm confused. LOL. I've read that the antique cognac for Vass has changed over the years. Appreciate if someone could post a side by side comparison of the current Antique Cognac and 6125 Rark Cognac.
Is this how Vass antique cognac looks like currently? Worried that it might be too light for work.
Looks like F last to me. I personally think it's Vass best Italian last.
What colour is the brown OEII? I'm planning to order a couple of pair too. And yes, if ever in doubt, just go for both!
I'm one of the participant and T4phage had implied that it's a recreation of old pattern on panama weave silk, as per 1st post of this ​thread. Either way, sorry that it's not what you've expected and I'm sure that others will happily take it off you if you list the tie in the bazaar. 
2 more weeks to go!!!! How's everything coming along? 
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