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My bid is $70, and lost to the winning bid of $71. Did you win the charity? I'm sad that I lost but congrats to you if you won
Lost focus for one moment and I lost the charity auction by $1... I will still be placing the orders for some west end belt though, after I received the leather swatches
 There's only a 36" in black and 38" in australia nut left back in stock for your ready to wear, and they don't fit me.  I'll be ordering more than 1 belt, and I would like to dedicate one of them for the charity. That's the reason for the question on combined shipping. Either way, let see how the auction goes and I'll pm you to work out a deal if I win. Thanks! 
 As this will be bespoke, I assume the belt will be shipped by Equss Leather?  Charlie can I combine shipping if I win the auction? :)
Carmina dark brown captoe in Forest last on the left.  [[SPOILER]]  Unfortunately, there's no daylight after I'm done with the shoe shine. 
 I'm listening.
The ultime AFPOS brush! Out of the box, I can see that it's really worth it especially with the AFPOS20 promo code and I understand that the price will go up after Christmas? (correct me if I'm wrong).    The wood handle are smooth and look at how dense the horsehair are on the brush. Carmina shoebox for size reference.    As always, amazing service by Sarah and Julian of AFPOS!      
Just received this from the Black Friday sales. My first pair of Carmina and I love it    Sorry for the iphone pictures           
That's the picture that make me jump straight for the navy briefcase :)   However, personally I will go for cognac portfolio and cardholder, somehow cognac looks nicer in smaller accessories. 
^^^ That looks like black...
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