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Shoes are no longer available.
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim I do like the Big Sky slipper. Agreed. Best shoe pictured in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by OO7 The shirt's fabric is absolutely fantastic. If anybody knows where to find a fabric in this tone let me know. Step 1) Load image in photoshop Step 2) Decrease image saturation by 20 to 50% Step 3) Reconsider fabric color
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels once again we will all learn how to dress and behave like REAL men! Ha ha ha. I sure hope that's not the message you're taking from the series.
They were everywhere at Pitti. Fun, but too ubiquitous.
A friend of mine made this, and I think it's great. More videos can be seen here: Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent I only have one odd jacket that's truly a summer jacket. This seems a little odd to me [rim shot]. I'd go in this direction--some colorful plaid/windowpane/lighter blue solid.
Not really. Dublin's feels like the curiosity cabinet of an insane 19th century millionaire.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC A comparative original retail is not a "fake retail" price. Had these been done/made for a full-price account this is what they would have sold them at. But they're not listing it as a comparative retail price at all; it clearly says "original price." It's worse than a fiction, it's completely disingenuous.
LOL at the "retail price."
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