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We have more stock of a summer blazer, though not the same fabric as before. This is a Vitale Barberis Super 110s. Very open weave. It should be available before the end of the week, if not tonight. A sneak preview: EDIT: Available now: http://www.howardyount.com/products/summer-blazer-vbc-110s
Email sent. Sorry, slammed by sale orders so we're running a couple days late.
Hey look at that. All the current HY umbrellas. 42 styles. http://howardyount.tumblr.com/
Nice to hear!We still have some stock of summer pants, though sizes are selling out.
In case you missed the email, or aren't on our mailing list, we're having a big sale of summer pants. Lots of great stuff from this season, and if you're lucky, some clearance prices on odds and ends.
Yeah, there are size charts for the American and the Italian pants. Any questions, let me know.I would get the size 28 in the American. Because of the higher rise, the waist doesn't need to be as large.
The American made are slim, definitely. They taper a bit more below the knee. They're just a little more forgiving in the waist, seat, and thigh. Details are up on the site right now--fit is the same in cotton, linen, and wool.
We'll have more American made wool this fall--Summer 2012 was the first season we carried them, and I we made mostly cotton and linen pants here, just two styles in wool.The broken twill do not have a nappy feel to them, but are not quite the hard finished worsted I think you're looking for. We're sort of between seasons now, with not as much of the heavyweight fall pants you'd want. This is probably closer to what you want, but limited stock left from a previous season:...
Cool! I like gothamist.I would probably cuff them, myself. Do you usually wear cuffs? If so, I wouldn't say there's anything about these pants that should prevent you from cuffing.Plain ribbed or birdseye would be easiest. Pindot would work, as would larger dots, though that's a little heavy on pattern.Glad to hear it!
They should fit yol, but I would size up one from your regular if you are buying the Italian made pairs. They are slim in the waist and seat so I think will be too small otherwise.
New Posts  All Forums: