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They're from spring summer. There are a few odds and ends left over from last fall, too, since we didn't mark them down much.Fall 2012 is a bit of a secret. All I can say now is that we'll have seven styles of jackets (including a very nice fall blazer), nine suits (many of which can be broken up and worn separately), and five overcoats.
The English ones, yes. The Italian, we don't have a production run going at the moment. I was working to see if I could get more of the blackwatch cotton, and it looks like the people who make our canopy cloth have discontinued it. Frustrating.
Yes, the wool are thicker than the cotton. The pima cotton are thicker than the cotton lisle.Soon, I hope, on the umbrella. I was told end of July when I placed the order. We'll also have some the whangee handled English umbrella in some great colors.
I would only dry-clean it.
They'll be coming up in the next couple of weeks. I didn't want to put too much out there too far in advance of the season. And this will allow more of the collection to assemble, Voltron-like, at HY HQ.I think 1.5" is safe. It's a standard inlay. Any more than that and I'd suggest sizing up. The run slim in the thigh so generally I advise sizing up if you think they're going to be tight.
You may be in luck. This would be a spring/summer jacket.
Emailing you in a second. Return arrived yesterday at last.Ah, fall in full is still a few weeks away, but things are coming in. I've had a few guys in the office this week who've gotten a preview.
Not currently planned. I'm working on the Spring/Summer 2013 collection and could see doing something like this.Fall 2012 stuff is starting to roll in and it is looking really great. I may put out a few things early, but the collection will hit in August/early September at the latest.
Starting to make some decisions about Spring 2013: It looks like I'll be doing more summer blazers in this fantastic wool/silk blend from Zegna:
In addition to the navy, we have silk knit pointed ties right now in a bunch of colors: violet; yellow; red; brown; steel blue; ocean blue; medium gray; and dark gray.And we have the flat weave silk which are fantastic.There are also a bunch of pointed silk knits with dotsJust different weaves (pick and pick; nailhead), weights (four season); or types of fabric. Send me any questions you have and I can elaborate.
New Posts  All Forums: