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I fully endorse the white shoes. Back from vacation (http://howardyount.tumblr.com/post/29898465422/nantucket-2012) and catching up on orders. Plus, some new stuff coming soon.
Not any time soon, I'm afraid.
If you order it today (8/10 in NYC), it will ship tomorrow (8/11). We're going to be open for a couple hours tomorrow to take care of a few things.
Should be end of the month, first week of September.
They were due to be finished in England by the end of July, and I'm waiting for word on when they'll be done now. I hope to have them before the end of month. The last of these, however, the navy chestnut stick, is from our Italian maker and won't be here until September at the earliest. Italy in August....
By this point, it's not a secret that we sell out of things. I would say you snooze you lose, but on this one, I guess you snooze you wait until fall delivery.
Last one sold out. We'll have more this fall. And we're stocking an XS of some sizes (limited production, though)You could wear them just like linen. They're fantastic.We're caught up on orders right now, so yours should have shipped already.
A little advance warning: we're closing the office for a week of vacation, August 12-20. Orders place in the interim will ship starting on the 21st.
Similar, but not identical.
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