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The tweed we have is much greener, so significantly different, but the fabric may be pretty warm for your environment.We have some new ones in now!https://howardyount.myshopify.com/collections/belts
Here's the Black Watch plaid: And finally, the flannel. I forgot to mention that this is wool/cashmere (90/10). The top will be a single breasted suit, the darker color will be double breasted.
Email sent.Also, yes, we'll have a couple lambswool cardigans.The pattern has not changed from the spring/summer 2012 goods, so fit should be the same. Overcuts have been cut to allow a jacket to be worn underneath. If a customer is buying one of the cashmere ones, for example, to be worn casually, I'd size down.Here's the Barbera blue and gray plaid. Very sturdy cloth with a soft hand.And the Cerruti cashmere plaid. Pillowy soft. Fantastic fabric.
Yes, the above are made in China, full canvas.They will follow behind the Italian stuff, which I have in New York already. The Chinese stuff is still enroute, with all of it due to be delivered by the end of September. But, until I have it.....
Sure. The rest of the tailored items are going to be Suits Navy wool (VBC 120) Light gray flannel (Guabello) Mid gray flannel double breasted (Guabello) Jackets Brown plaid cashmere (Cerruti) Navy plaid wool (Barbera) Blackwatch plaid wool (Botto Giuseppe) Overcoats Gray wool and cashmere single breasted with ticket pocket Camel double breasted short polo Navy whipcord wool double breasted (like a short ulster style coat)
Weight, primarily. This is more of a year-round fabric, albeit a bit heavier for summer.And yes, this is just a portion of our tailored goods for fall--about half. The rest is made in China and will be arriving in the US before the end of the month.They're on the way. So, 3rd week of September, roughlyYes, there will be three other styles. By the end of the month.
A preview of the Italian made suits is up on The Silentist: http://thesilentist.com/post/30520000368/howard-yount-fall-preview-part-2-suiting
Sorry, no. I don't foresee us making any jackets in EU 44 in the near future.
We're not changing the pattern this season, nor are we carrying long sizes, I'm afraid.
The ones you're seeing now are just the Italian made. Fit will be the same.What can I say, I love windowpanes. This cashmere one is incredibly nice. The fabric is a little light, definitely a spring/fall jacket, or for a warmer climate's winter. I got a good deal on the fabric and produced it in extremely limited quantity.Here's a closeup:
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