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It's a standard inlay. I think letting out 1.5" is about the maximum, and that you'd probably be better with the size 30.
Gah, you're right. I thought the post was about the lambswool flannels, made in America.
It's possible, but not a given. They're expensive to produce. That said, I can make one-offs so if you're set on it, let me know. It's also possible to tweak the colors if someone wanted. I could even do a custom run of these if people were interested, but they'd still be rather pricey.We're going to be doing both the Italian and the American through Spring/Summer 2013. They're just different enough to justify making both. But we're definitely expanding the American for...
Send me a message or an email if you want more details, but I'm a size 38R in just about everything and the small rugby fits me well. Not too tight, not too loose. I'll post a picture before too long, but it's been too warm for cashmere here in NYC.I know that at least one SF member has ordered this, but won't get the package until next week.No idea, I'm afraid. We're having some difficulties in getting them delivered.I like this! Clothes are meant to be lived in.
Working on it, too.Yeah, but that lets you scoop up anything left on sale from summer!No, sorry.Yes, definitely. A couple colors are back in stock (quietly) as of today. More will be added this week with an email going out to the mailing list when they're all up. We'll also have more of the VBC 100 (winter) and VBC 120s (fall) flannels, some of my favorite cloth.Good thinking.Yeah, that's it. Right now, the only fall/winter wool American made pants are the Lambswool...
Thanks. Let me try to get it, since I don't have it in my notes.I'll consider it. As anyone browsing the site has seen, we tend to sell out of the smaller sizes quickly. I have more larger everything than I would like, so have really limited what we make in large sizes.Not just looks, is! These were crazy expensive to produce, but I wanted to do them so I did.The navy and the light gray single breasted will both have three open patch pockets. So will all the three sport...
Slight hold-up on the Scottish lambswool sweaters, so those won't be part of this first part of the collection.
All made in Italy. They are really really nice, and I'm running them with a low margin. They "should" be much more expensive.So, it looks like the mailer will be out sometime today for the first part of the fall collection....One of my favorites:
I think those might be a little lighter weight for dressy. I'd look at these: http://www.howardyount.com/collections/cotton-pants/products/cotton-drill-pants-tan http://www.howardyount.com/collections/cotton-pants/products/cotton-khakis (a bit heavier)
In transit from Italy right now. I'm hoping to go live with some American made ones before they arrive! As early as this week. Just trying to time it at a point when we can quickly ship, rather than getting a big backlog.We may carry some summer blazers in longs next summer, but likely only a blazer.Working on it!We don't have any plans to phase out Marcoliani right now, but I've been wanting to carry our own private label socks for a long time--really since we launched in...
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