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I'd like to attend, but don't know if I'll be able to make it. Coincidentally, the first HY corduroy pants will be available the week of 11/11
Will next year's meeting be 33% more corduroy?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman There are too many people dependent for their very livelihood on the continued prohibition of weed for it to be legalized. No kidding. They are also called "dealers."
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I was getting kind of used to the half-my-age stuff. I think I was in a rut. So sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke I don't want a pair of hunters. Why?
An interesting pull from the article: AE recrafting is a $6 million a year business.
It's a nice thought to buy it for him as a gift, but honestly, if he's wearing it five times a year, that seems like a waste. I have a relative who buys a lot of J.A.B. stuff and it doesn't look terrible on him. Not great at all, but with tailoring it does what he needs it to do, and it is very inexpensive.
At opening night this year I saw a guy in jeans and an untucked flannel shirt. Black tie was far from universal. Honestly a tux is almost out of place on a regular night, but wear it if you want. My tickets are on Tuesdays and I usually wear a dark suit and tie, occasionally a blazer instead.
I am astonished no one has started a "Kiton Buys Carlo Franco" Dumb Thread yet...
Detroit Tigers minor league picture: Charlie Furbush
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