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This sounds like an issue with fabric, or fit (causing excess wear to specific points) and not the "make."
Yeah, super fast. But we'll be getting more.I have classic flannel pants (light gray) from 2009 that I wear nearly once a week in fall and winter. So that's three years, and they look as good as new.
I'd go with a large. It should fit well, but be just a little snug. There's a possibility of special ordering these in an XL if need be, but only in navy, charcoal, dark camel, and a green.
Earlier. I'm hoping to have those delivered this fall.
The site design goes back four years (!!!!) so it is due for a refresh.Frankly, I think there's something to be said for a very simple site, uncluttered site without excess functionality, but I think it could be made easier to browse.I'm taking measurements of it later today and will post. No, different patterns from the lambswool (and different knitters).
1) Yes. Fit is a classic slim, really what I'm going for across the board--not aggressively tight, not frumiply loose.2) Not until Spring 2013, as early as February. I consider this a spring/summer fabric and we have to have some limits on how much we keep in stock. Right now we have 132 different fabrics in stock, with at least one pair/size available.
Shoot, that was a typo which has been fixed. Our tartan umbrella that was in GQ is back in stock:
Unfortunately, no. I will be ordering more in the most popular sizes in future seasons, however. And we do still have it in 36, 42, and 44.Yes, hopefully with the next shipment. Yes, fit is similar.Excellent. Yeah, they're damn good pants.This we are definitely restocking.Definitely no need to size up. They're cut loose to be worn over a jacket. If you are certain you wouldn't be wearing a suit or jacket underneath, you could even try sizing down. They are very warm...
We do not currently have any on order, but when I place the Spring/Summer 2013 order in the next week or so, I'm going to order some for fall delivery.TBD. Lambswool yarn went up quite a bit.
I want to double check, but the thigh should be a touch bigger on the American pair - this is the case in 32.Yes, I have navy and burgundy scottish lambswool cardigans in the office, but not photographed or posted. Also in that shipment are crewnecks in 12 colors, and v-necks in 11 colors. Still to come is one cardigan in dove grey, and some other stuff.I hope to have the new sweaters up later this week, along with new umbrellas, and a few more styles of HY and Marcoliani...
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