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Sounds right to me. What size jacket do you usually wear? I think the large would fit well and be nicely trim.
It's possible, but not certain. I need to have enough need for another run.It really depends on the climate and the customer. LA, of course. SF, it could be a little light, at least for me--I prefer a heavier weight in general.I should probably add them, but I generally find measurements for knitwear really problematic. I wear the small, but reading the chart I might think it was too big for me.Ahem... A new shade of VBC Winter Flannel.
I think so, eventually.
The classic flannel (14 oz) is heavier than the VBC s120s (9.5 oz), as well as the VBC s100s Winter Flannel (12 oz). I find that the winter flannel wears warm, so while by weight it may be lighter than the classic, I think it's even better for the coldest winter. It's a very soft, luxurious fabric.We've restocked the navy classic, so there should be good stock on that. I wear the classic flannel from fall to spring, and don't think it's overly warm. This could be a good...
If the hips and thighs fit well, but the waist is tight, it can be easily let out. This should also be a less costly alteration than sizing up and taking in the whole legs.
They look much better, but I agree, size up and take in the waist if need be. Email me if you want to try an exchange, or just return.
No, the four season super 100s.
Yeah, something funky is going on in those pictures. I think they'd look better if you tried them on with a belt and turned up the ankle so they'd hang cleanly. In the first one, you're leaning forward so that's not helping the leg. The second pic doesn't look as bad.
Not in the next batch, but we may be making some more later this fall.Yeah, I'd go with the small.I think that's a good size cuff. I'm 5'10" and I think 2" can look a little too large.And I cuff all wool, but only half cotton.
And we've got another big batch being made outside of Milan right now.
New Posts  All Forums: