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The price is more than reasonable. Would the MTO include free alterations? If not, it sounds like you'd be better off with the MTM. Ask if they can deliver the jacket for a try-on without the sleeves finished, so you can be sure the length is correct.
Is this the aging despot equivalent of leaving notes for yourself all over the house?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Haven't really sat down and examined what's new with the new one, but is the rotation lock an OS thing, or exclusive to the iPad 2, like a button or some shit? I swear to god, I am on my side in bed using my iPad and iPhone half of the time and it's really the fucking bane of my existence when the screen rotates. My life would possibly improve by double if I could do my iPad on my side in bed. $700 iPad and...
I think summer sport coats are actually a lot easier. More colors are acceptable without being outrageous, and there are a lot of great fabric blends (linen/wool/silk/etc). One of my favorites is a lighter, almost sky blue.
Yesterday, after 18" of snow, absolutely.
I think these photos are hilarious. Look at them and you could miss the fact that thousands of people go to Pitti to work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt edit: this is interesting... That is interesting. I'm member #1014 or something like that, and I'm happy some of the older posts are lost to posterity...
Great thread revival. I had forgotten about this. Clearly I need to spend more time on styleforum.
I think that the traditional, original crepe soled desert boot had a blobbier last. I'm not a fan of the shape, though there is a history. For your purposes, the more durable, sturdier dainite sole is probably better than crepe, though crepe can be absurdly comfortable (and lighter). I've seen the Brooks online and thought it was okay, especially that they offered a variety of colors, but have no idea on quality.
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