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I am a little surprised that the euro didn't jump more after the news this morning, or at least that it wasn't more sustained.
It was funny. Not great, not terrible. I wish they hadn't leaned so heavily on repeat sketches--I think they should have a "only three times" rule for any sketch. The best bit was the census taker one. Was that the only original sketch?
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I hope next week is okay. We have a big event at the Harvard Club. That's not anywhere near Times Square.
Carmen got shafted. Susur Lee is hilarious.
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 On the flip side, kudos to the FBI for an apparently brilliant investigation. I am glad someone over there still has a brain because if people like certain liberals on this board had been in charge, the FBI would have been focusing its investigation in North Dakota and the perp would have been in Pakistan by now. On another note, Obama dodged a bullet here. Lucky for him that bomb fizzled. I'm very...
Ha ha ha. Oops. Thank you, sir.
I picked one up on Friday. Just walked right in to the Upper West Side store around 6:30. No line to get in or to buy. All in all I think it's very nice. There are some annoying head-scratchers, however, like no shuffle mode in music playback. WTF?
Frog mouth pockets it looks like. Never seem to work right for me, either. Love the fabric on the suit.
I would maybe wear the tan buck loafers--in fact I have a pair of loafers that aren't terribly different--but the others, oh boy. I'm with you, gdl, but at least it's a strong aesthetic.
Ozzie looks great. Change the gorge/button on Huey Lewis and I'd wear that suit. Louganis looks like Mario Lopez.
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