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Ozzie looks great. Change the gorge/button on Huey Lewis and I'd wear that suit. Louganis looks like Mario Lopez.
Not bad. Did you use C-41 film? I haven't shot film in forever. It's a shame. I have a beautiful old hasselblad that has been neglected for too long.
Milton Bradley says he's baseball's Kanye West or Ron Artest. Sounds about right to me.
Unless you're the bride, I wouldn't wear white. Seersucker or tan/khaki cotton might be perfect, and you should be able to find something in your price range. Haspel and Jos Bank have seersucker in that range. I think the fit and quality is pretty bad, but it might work for you. H&M will probably have something in cotton or a cotton blend, but stay away from white.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Geneva is really touting Alumo these days and dissuading people from Mason. Prices on Alumo seem to have dropped, either that or they just never were as high as I assumed them to be. Just at Geneva or across the board? I was surprised at how affordable they were, relatively speaking. I had thought it would be much more expensive. No gingham, though.
The fact that they're dry-clean only makes me pause, but for a real indulgence they could be just the ticket.
I was at Geneva last weekend and they had some stellar looking Alumo cashmere/cotton blends for Fall. Does anyone have shirts made from this fabric?
Who makes the Facconable pairs? They're the same (it seems to me) as those from Breuer, and they look great, though I don't own a pair.
No, you're not the only one. I used to get them on shirts thinking they were "nicer," but now I prefer a medium to thin MoP button.
[quote=MKB;3036237]Should be Rodney in the boat. I believe that's Ted Knight in the yacht cap. And no, they couldn't stop Rodney. That's what I mean. The hat doesn't get him to stop. His boat gets no respect.
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