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Not right now. I've decided against it for the time being.We are restocking some fabrics, including the yellow, red, and white canvas. I'll see about the navy cords. There's also going to be a second summer collection of our American pants. I hope to have it on the site by Memorial Day.Yeah, they are just fantastic pants. The blue went quickly, and I'm surprised we still have any stock, but we do in every size.
They look great. Agreed on that madras in all but the hottest. It is really interesting fabric. Soft and light. And yes, that canvas is super sturdy. It should break in very nicely.
I love the nailhead, which I think are fantastic summer pants. Light weight, a dry hand, and a bit of a sheen. We make them in a nice range:
Those look like the nailhead to me.
Still coming. Our Italian jackets for spring have arrived, though will take a week to get on the site. It's just a half dozen styles (some great fabrics though, including Carlo Barbera and Zegna), so I'm waiting for the others to fill out the collection, including the linens. \Excellent. Yes, a very nice fabric. Very soft and silky, that one. We won't be restocking the fine twill, but we do have a number of pairs left in grey:...
No plans to restock the yellow this summer, but I've had a few inquiries so I'll see. I'm not sure I'd be able to get the cloth in time for it to make sense. Maybe they'll come back again next summer.Sorry, no blue seersuckers.Keep an eye out as we will certainly get a few returns as guys figure out their sizes.More and more stuff keeps arriving at HY headquarters. An email should go out on Thursday about knit ties--some 50 styles back in stock. And our first batch of new...
You should be fine. I wear jackets with an 18" shoulder and the 15.5/34 is my size. Fits well.No. I'll be making pants in both the US and Italy for the time being.It's a subtle blue, reads nearly grey from distance, but definitely blue. A nice shade. These were some of my favorites from Fall 2011.
1. Yes. All the American made pants use the same pattern.2. Possibly. More likely for future orders, however.
They're en-route, one shipment stuck in customs hell. Importing is not always the easiest thing...These are also lightweight, but no need for that, which sounds rather unpleasant. I cuffed the pair I kept, which helps a bit, and I think looks good. 1.75"Yes. The linen/cotton pairs and two of the cotton plaids are made in Italy. The rest of the newest pants are all USA: baby cord, canvas, madras, seersucker plaid, fine twill.
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