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We'll have more year-round blazers this fall.
No chance on a restock, but there could always be a return.All depends on the cloth. I have a LP Zegna for Barney's coat myself that has held up very well with heavy use.Possibly. I'm working on it.There's a pair of the baby cords in green and navy back in stock.
Given that you have a raised arm, and it doesn't look too tight, I think you'll find there is plenty to let out to make it just right.I think you'll be fine. They're being made to go over jackets, but trim enough that you won't be swimming in it if you wear just a shirt and sweater. A couple of them are going to be extremely soft in the shoulder, which will also help. I think it's five or six styles all together.As for fall budgets... Yeah, we are going to have a lot of...
I haven't offered them in the past but will have a few styles this fall. Some pretty stellar stuff including a few limited edition pieces in 100% cashmere from Loro Piana and Zegna. That's right.Later this summer, yes.
Thanks for catching this. It is three open patch pockets and has been fixed. The idea is a more casual summer suit that can be split apart into a jacket and pants worn separately. A good summer vacation suit.
They are the same fabric, yes. I guess I can sell the jackets from that suit without pants, but I don't think it's worth it for you. That suit in single-breasted or double-breasted will be $599, extra pants $99. If I were selling the jacket alone, it would be $549. I think it's definitely worth the $50 to have that extra pair of pants.I think the location of the camera is playing a bit of a trick on the eye. It's high, but not too high.Thanks! And I'm fairly certain that...
Yes, it is awesome. Fabric is wool/linen if I am remembering correctly. I know it's my company so I'm a little biased, but this at $549 is stellar.
ItalySummer blazerRed/White/Blue micro houndstooth (Carlo Barbera)Black and White Herringbone linen (Carlo Barbera)Purple wool (Red)Green windowpane (Zegna)ChinaCotton/linen SB suitCotton/linen DB suitLinen Glenplaid suitGray wool suitBlue Cashmere/SilkGunclub PlaidBlue windowpaneI think fall balances a little more the other way. All those made in China use Italian fabrics. They're great.I'm hoping to get these online tomorrow night, but it might not be possible. We still...
I think they might be a little too long, but I've yet to confirm measurements. The Italian ones might be a better fit.
Quick update. All jackets are in house now and are being photographed. They should be on the site next week. The Italian ones are the same cut as previous seasons and are excellent. The new ones from China are a bit longer, a bit wider lapel, full canvas. They're very nice, and will be a phenomenal value. We were undershipped a bunch of things so, unfortunately, we won't be able to sell the suits as separates (I'd mentioned this either on here or just in emails with some...
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