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Then "inexpensive" is unfortunately not the right word. Maybe "dirt cheap."
The World Cup is making me realize the greatness of the current NCAA basketball tournament format. A scoreless tie between Ivory Coast and Portugal means that advancing out of Group G could come down to who scores the most goals against North Korea.
He does look good. I hope for his sake he can keep it going for a long time and not flame out like Wood or Prior. Also, I used to like Costas but just cannot stand him now.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty The place is a must see in NY. lefty I made the mistake of getting three donuts. Too much. Also, they screwed up my day by selling me decaf coffee and not labeling it as such.
I don't know if that would be the only impact. Galarraga is a class act. I love that he didn't even protest at first. He smirked. And his comments since have been equally cool. Pretty rare considering how we would expect many other players to react.
A friend of mine who has daughters lamented once how it's easier for parents of boys--they only have to worry about one penis, where he has to worry about all the penises in the world.
Sterling Gilette's winning design is now available at!
I forgot I had these and just came across them. Oops. Great shoes. Size 9D. This is the U.S. size. New without box. Made in England. It looks like C&J on the 325 last. Dark brown pebble grain. Thick soles, which I believe are a double sole. Perfect for casual and semi-casual fall/winter wear. The peal logos inside the shoes have been marked with an X to prevent returns and there is a marker written price on one of the soles (small, and should wear off easily). Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk I think the freezer is kind of an obvious place to hide things Especially if you're a politician. You should put it right next to the purloined letter.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Return and get your correct size. That's the only way you'll be truly happy. I agree. If you had gotten them on super discount at some bargain basement place, it would make sense to try to make them work. But presumably you paid full price (I haven't read every post), and you mentioned that they will replace them. Delayed gratification > niggling disappointment.
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