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Yes. We have a lot of American made on order. Flannel (seven colors), donegal (two colors), canvas (three colors), khakis, corduroy (five colors) and moleskin (three colors). They are going to be great. The first of them are being cut this week.I'm glad you guys like them. As you can see from the above--which is probably not even half of the pants we'll have this fall. HY is going BIG for fall 2012.For at least the next two season we will be doing both models--the Italian...
Not imminently. Late July, I think.
It depends. Some of the styles are year round ones--like pindots--that we'll get around to restocking in early fall. Others are seasonal styles and colors which may or may not be available in the future.
Thanks. I have a pair of the cognac suede myself and love them. Very comfortable and versatile. I may be making them in some other materials for later this fall or next spring. Other shoes have also arrived and they'll be on the site in the next month or two. These include a double monk in black calfskin on a sleeker last that is fantastic. On the belts, I have some new ones that have arrived, but haven't gotten them photographed/live yet. I'm hoping before too long....
They're up now.
I don't think we're restocking it in the exact same color, but we will have some cardigans. And lots of other lambswool, cashmere, and shetland wool.Sorry, guys. I was traveling a bit, but also have had some issues around my no-longer being a one-man shop. Not worth the headaches of getting into the details here, but I'm back, and plugging away at the email backlog.In much better news, our restock of long-awaited double monks finally arrived today. They're going live...
Yes. I stopped that a few years ago.Now I just have stuff made.A shipment arrived at the office today which promises to be pretty exciting. Not sure if it all arrived...
Yes, that's exactly what it is. On the tussah and garza silks. We're doing the same on some wool ties for fall and they're fantastic. Should be considerably less expensive. That garza is costly, but I think it's worth it. A great tie:
Here's me in the gunclub plaid from this weekend. A bit rumpled, since this was right out of a suitcase.
New Posts  All Forums: