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I was looking at the NBA's TV ratings the other day and the one finals in which LeBron played had the lowest ratings in a very long time.
This "one hour ESPN special to announce where he's going" is absurd.
Quixotic quests are often best.
Yes, of course. I have my own personal stuff, and then some absurdly nice old fashioned letterpress cards (with which every customer of Howard Yount will be familiar).
I like that the backlash has already begun, comparing LeBron to ARod.
Quote: Originally Posted by derv I've been laundering my own shirts of value per suggestions from this forum for the last three cycles, but man - that is alot of work...even with a new iron. Not sure how much longer I can keep it up. +1 It can really be a pain in the ass. It does, however, have a nice solution: buy more shirts.
I was pleased to see this in my mailbox the other week. More solid menswear coverage is great in my mind.
Needs more Steven Seagal
It's been months since I posted in here. Too busy! This isn't today, but recent enough. From last Tuesday, Pitti bound.
I wear gingham year round and love it. That said, some colors do look suspect in winter.
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