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No. 36 (eu 46) is the smallest I've had made.
I think a size 8 would be best.
Here are the new styles:
I should have more soon. A big shipment came in from Italy yesterday--fall suits, sportcoats, and a couple overcoats--and it included more summer blazers. They're not exactly the same as the previous fabric, so I'll photograph them and get them listed soon.I would cuff them, though I prefer 1.75". I think a cuff looks great on these.
Some new shoes are up. The pebble grain are particularly fantastic in real life.
Sorry, I'm a bit confused here. We don't have any polo shirts for sale.
Just sent you a pm. Email me to set something up. Short answer: yes, but times are limited.Brooks Brothers extra slim is blousy around your waist? I would say that our shirts are between the Brooks slim and the extra slim.
They're good for trim guys. I myself am one, as are many repeat customers who wear the jackets.In case you didn't get the mailer, there's a sale on all of our American-made goods right now:http://www.howardyount.com/collections/made-in-america
So I must have mentioned this! Yeah, a very limited edition of unstructured overcoats in 100% cashmere from Zegna and Loro Piana, and then a few others, I think six styles total.
Sorry, but no. I think there's enough room in the pants that they can be altered in and out half a size.
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