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Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent I only have one odd jacket that's truly a summer jacket. This seems a little odd to me [rim shot]. I'd go in this direction--some colorful plaid/windowpane/lighter blue solid.
Not really. Dublin's feels like the curiosity cabinet of an insane 19th century millionaire.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC A comparative original retail is not a "fake retail" price. Had these been done/made for a full-price account this is what they would have sold them at. But they're not listing it as a comparative retail price at all; it clearly says "original price." It's worse than a fiction, it's completely disingenuous.
LOL at the "retail price."
If you are at all interested, definitely go to the Museum of Natural History in Dublin. It is very old school. Cool and a little bizarre.
Now it's an even better deal. Price cut! Yes, HF does size pretty large. I would say this is more like a medium or 40R.
How about Charles M. Schulz http://altcomics.files.wordpress.com...pg?w=425&h=280
It is pissing me off that I can't change the calendar to start on Monday instead of Sunday. Oh wait, I can, but I have to change the region settings to United Kingdom.
Hickey Freeman. Loro Piana Storm System. 100% linen. Light green. They call it olive, and it's a nice soft green shade. Partial lining. Suede trim. Like a LP Horsey Jacket. Size small. Runs a little roomy. HF often sizes very generously and I'd say this is more like a Medium or 40R. Originally $1395. SOLD Chest: 44.5" Waist: 42.5" Can be cinched smaller with drawstring Shoulder is a raglan style, so hard to give a solid measurement Length from bottom of collar...
Don't bother with the 64. In a year or so I'm sure Apple will release one with two cameras and more memory for less money. I have a 32 and I find it stores plenty.
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