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Those are one of my favorites we've ever done. Great cloth. Amazingly, in the same production run was the first of our spring 2013 pants. Some really gorgeous tropicals on the American pattern. It will be a couple weeks before they're up, but we'll have a nice early spring burst.
Some odds-and-ends restocks of the Lambswool Flannel. We ran out of cloth so were not able to make as many pairs as I'd hoped.
A little update from HY.... I was in Italy last week working on our Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 collections. There's lots of fantastic stuff coming, including more suits, especially versatile basics like navy year round wool, a fantastic gray sharkskin, and navy flannel (a beautiful Loro Piana). But that's just the beginning. Also initiated restocks of some best-selling items, like our double monks, chestnut umbrellas, and newer English umbrellas. And knit ties. And pocket...
Hoping to. Got to sort out a restock of the Marcoliani socks. Also, we have more of the HY private label socks, which customers have really taken to. I think they're great, but we don't have a silk in those... yet.Well, you're in for some nice stuff this summer. I was just in Italy and finalized the spring 2013 collection. It's not huge, but we'll have many more of a great (nearly year round) navy suit, among other things.We do have occasional sales, but markdowns are not...
A little pilling is natural. I don't find these pill too much--it is a problem I've found with lambswool sweaters from other places.I'm going to Italy this week and will order more. So, probably early March.Yes, I actually have the dove grey in stock but haven't had a chance to photograph it yet.I have a classic flannel pair that I've worn nearly once a week for over three years and they're still going strong.I'm hoping on the earlier side--mid April.I'd go with the size...
We got a couple pairs back on returns, and are going to be making some more, but the cloth is limited. We're also adding odds and ends pairs in other fabrics.
Early next year.Not any time soon, I'm afraid.
Here's me in this fall's corduroy suit. This thing is absurdly comfortable. https://howardyount.myshopify.com/collections/suits/products/corduroy-suit-camel
We had a light/mid gray but it sold out. This late in the season I don't think I'm going to make more, but I may reconsider. It was a beautiful fabric.
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