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We usually ship within one or two business days--though international shipments can take longer. But when we get a big shipment of new merchandise* or start a sale, we can get a huge rush of orders, many times the usual frequency and unfortunately short delays can happen.I have an office in the garment district and can meet customers by appointment. People do stop by with some frequency; it's a great way to try on a bunch of stuff quickly. But it's not set up as a store.*...
I'd go with a 10.5. A standard medium width on these.
Go with the 30. Sizing down wouldn't work.
We have some. Like...
We restocked a few lambswool sweaters, so if something you wanted is now out of stock, check again. Also, they're on sale!
I have some on hand now, but haven't had a chance to photograph/post them yet. They'll be live in three or four weeks, max.Sorry, not going to restock. Odd pairs can come back on returns.Working on it. Not imminent, but working on it.Hey guess what I learned this week, three days of jury duty are not fun!
They're leaving the maker in Italy right now. Four Season, Tropical, and Nailhead.
I really liked the simplicity of carrying one model, but having the two works well. I had a customer in the office tonight who was the opposite--the Italian fit much better. Little differences in the cut can make a big difference.
From our current fabrics, I'd recommend the Moon tweed for sure. You could also wear (in the Italian cut) the VBC super 120s flannel. I think of that as a spring/fall weight, and they are phenomenally soft. In more basic fabrics, the four season (lighter) and tasmanian (heavier) could work.
Lucky for you, we're carrying linen as well, a beautiful Irish linen in gray and blue. The tropical is going to be in six colors (light, mid, dark gray, navy, tan, brown), and there will also be two colors of a nice wool fresco (brown, gray).
New Posts  All Forums: