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PM sent on C & J Weybridge.
My posts were a response to The Shoe Snob's shameless belittling of Shipton & Heneage, which is owned by Matthew Cookson, whose fashion forward styles are much copied by lesser mortals, including the forum's favourite shoe shine boy turned designer wannabe.
When was the last time I praised Grenson/Tim Little? I doubt very much TL the man would care about JF's shoes.
Sorry, I think you already have my so called "negative" posts that exposed your taking freebies for write ups deleted?
Guess a Passagio/Bestetti trunk show is coming soon as Gianni Cerruit is unashamedly plugging him and denigrating others like Antonio Meccariello. Pathetic.
Really great looking shoes. Btw what last is this, from the MTO or Aurum ?
Maybe not the right place to ask, but how does Antonio Meccariello stack up against Enzo Bonafe, as both are hand welted and MTOish?
So they are his MTO shoes using his new last? Is there a comparable round toe last with a longer toe box from his MTO line?
What is the last for the chukkas? Btw, his website is not working at all!
".And my Spanish factory allows me to tell them things that will make them better. An English factory would have never allowed that Things in the modern day have changed and while i personally love English made shoes I felt that for my brand, due to all of the reason expressed in these last two posts, it would be more beneficial to look elsewhere, somewhere that would allow me to do what i wanted and be hands on with Sincerely Justin" Of course. Any self respecting...
New Posts  All Forums: