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PM sent.
You cannot be serious. Your tobacco Irish linen tie is not well made, has asymmetrical blade and lousy stitching.
Do you mean this Gianni, who'sposting with the OP?\Btw, will you be stocking Pirozzi in your new shop in Shanghai, Weak Monday?
Why is an Affiliate allowed to shamelessly shill his wares to the unsuspecting outside of his paid thread?
Perfecting the art of shilling?
Sarto's abstruse post on ties. Quote: There are lots of claims about what a classic 7-fold is and since they often contradict each other by definition most of them are wrong. However, as I am in the listening business (custom made/bespoke only) I only make what I am requested to make, which makes life much simpler. Now practical points for seven-fold ties: 1) A 7-fold tie has seven folds and that is what makes it a 7-fold tie - nothing else. 2) An unlined 7-fold...
please read your own last paragraph.
Or just too lazy to correct shoddiness.Btw, the picture doesn't show any pair of shoes.
Great apologia.So now it's his house style, not the angle the picture is taken. So odd sized shoes, in your twisted logic, are acceptable too, because that's how the GREAT MASTER want them to be.
Is that supposed to be a compliment, creative spark of genius, poor QC, shoddy workmanship or plain excuse?
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