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please read your own last paragraph.
Or just too lazy to correct shoddiness.Btw, the picture doesn't show any pair of shoes.
Great apologia.So now it's his house style, not the angle the picture is taken. So odd sized shoes, in your twisted logic, are acceptable too, because that's how the GREAT MASTER want them to be.
Is that supposed to be a compliment, creative spark of genius, poor QC, shoddy workmanship or plain excuse?
Eidos is a line Under Jim Shaya, President and top shill of Isaia Group, responsible for North and South America, hence its absence in Europe. Eidos Napoli is a misnomer, should be Eidos Firenz as it's a poor man's copy of Liverano.
By the looks, and pictures of Vilalta shoes, his aesthetics is the least of his problems.
Hope you don't mean the Eidos fanbois.
That would be sodium pentobarbitol.
Amazing that people will find the workmanship amazing.
Look at the lines of shoelace holes on the shoes. The right doesn't match the left, so it's either shoddy workmanship (low wages maybe?) or mark of excellence!
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