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Is this GMTO still open to participants? I just saw this thread!
What happen to Geslalt Clothing? Suppose to launch on Sept 22 but no news till now. @P. Bateman
1 vote for block stripe ties. And can we do this??
Can someone help to proxy? Willing to pay a fee for this.
Hi Ben, i would like to be updated. Thank you.
I am interested.
Wow what cloth is this? The jacket
Very nice, simian. Simply stunning! Claghorn, please close this group buy asap so that i would not be tempted to add in more ties!
Ok let do this then: Fred Yellow Henry Red Cashmere & Wool Gray Birdseye Flannel Tie Todd Brown Mark Brown This is in ADDITION to my list previously. Thank you! Let me buy you a beer if you are ever in Singapore!
Hi Claghorn, i would like to add the following to my order: Fred Yellow Gordon Vintage Jacquard Fabric - Gray Henry Red Thank you.
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