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I had a blast last year. Unfortunately I have my daughter. Well I"m lucky to have my daughter... You get it. Have fun!
I'm going to pick some up from Arlington this weekend. 207
I would go with the Big Slub Indigo Denim. I think for under $200 it's worth trying out. It's hard to tell just from pics on the website.. I like the white stitching and the streaking. It's something different than the yellow and orange stitching KMW or Nudies. They would match grey and black nicely.
I had a great time last night. Thanks to everyone at Denimbar. Mauro and Emily! I had a blast. It was nice meeting all you guys. I picked up a pair of the KMW 2010's and the SExSC. I'm afraid the canes are too big though. I got a 32. We'll see after I soak 'em. Anyone need to trade?
My experience at Denimbar has always been positive! I'm excited... It's good to support companies that give back. Show up.. Buy something.
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