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Any ideas on how to remove the watermarks? Have brushed already but that didn't seem to help.
Mind that herring doesn't make their own shoes, they just rebrand shoes from other makers like Loake, Cheaney, Alfred Sargent, Barker and Carlos Santos. So the heel height might vary.
Good to see you got them, they were indeed a steal. I was eyeballing them too but you pulled the trigger before me Here is some more info on them
They are made by Alfred Sargent for AFPOS
Wonder if they are the same quality as the ones Skoak sells.
4 year old Herring Churchill - made by Cheaney - after it's first resole (half sole done by a local cobbler):
How are they? I have the exact same loafers and they are killing my heels.
New Cheaney Avon shoes. I noticed on one shoe the eyelets are not aligned properly which I think is sloppy.As you can see the facing of one shoe is attached differently onto the vamp than on the other shoe (stitched closer to the wing tip), causing the misalignment. According to Cheaney this is within tolerance. In my opinion this is not something that can be expected of shoes in this price range. What do you think?
Thread revival Grenson G Zero with some natural aquired patina
I think this is just the case for southern Europe @benhour. In the northwestern and central/eastern parts it's mostly GYW machines I've seen.
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