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How is the Vibram sole installed? Glued to the original leather sole (original heel removed)?
Glad you think that of the Dutch-English accent since most people think we sound like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5DZexDYyuU
I wear Grenson, Cheaney, Barker, C&J, Alfred Sargent in 8F. Loake's 026 last is too short for me in 8F and too wide in 8.5F (have both) so mine will be on sale pretty soon. I also own the Pimlico in 8F (Capital last) and that one is a better fit for me length and width wise (though still a bit wider than other brands in 8F).
For me they run wide and short.
Herring by Barker
That's a Vibram Eton studded sole instead of a Dainite studded sole right? Always wondered how the two of them compare. Can you comment?
You might be lucky if you are a size 8 bc I ordered 2 pairs and have one pair left untouched
Much better than I expected them to be. Loake 1880 quality, which isn't good but also not to bad. They fit great and are tts. The ridgeway sole is pretty soft compared to the dainite studded soles I'm used to, which means they give great traction in snow.
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