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Can anyone comment on what the ill fit of these boots is caused by? Instep of the boots too low for my feet maybe? I have never experienced this before so I am puzzled.
I indeed have paid less than retail, but buying factory seconds while they are advertised as brand new non-seconds does not feel right to me and I would not have bid this high if I knew they were seconds. But before I jump to conclusions I'll ask the seller what the R means, it might be something else.That's not true since he sells seconds but also samples and new in box shoes.
Can you add a picture of the soles?
Just received the "102494 - GOLD MUSEUM CALF" from Ebay (which is in the GMTO list now) and wondered what the R stamp on the insole means. The shoes were advertised as new with box but the R stamp made me wonder if they aren't rejects. Anyone ever seen Meermin shoes with the R stamp inside?
Yep, I just won one of his auctions and when I look at the bid history I see the same pattern.
Can you add pictures of the soles?
@Afinepairofshoes: Who makes your own brand of shoes?
corderra is correct: F is standard width in Grenson shoes
Where will the shoes be sent from? US or EU?
That is what I thought too. So this means the lining has to come off partially to replace the eyelet and then restitched again. Wonder if it's worth the effort.
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