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What last are these on? They look a lot like Herring Churchil.
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Yanko out in the wild
Does anyone have any pictures of the inner lining of CS boots (especially the shaft lining)? I find the lining in Carmina a boots very soft and supple while the lining of Meermin boots for instance is almost the opposite. I wonder where CS sits.
Yanko boots
They good ol' retailtherapy4all days ;-)
Does anyone have experience with resoling Grenson G-zero / Masterpiece shoes by Grenson themselves? Will they be resoled with the same quality sole with hidden channels? Also, will they just do a standard resole, or also replace the welt and inner sock, laces etc?
Some additional pictures:They differ from my current Church sahara boots in that the vintage pair are fabric lined instead of fully leather lined.
Can anyone date these pre-Prada Church sahara boots?
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