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I have a pair of Daks wholecuts that are made by Grenson.
Lukewarm water, shampoo and a brush is how I do it (just like suede)Watch out if the canvas is light colored since the leather lining might stain it after it has become wet.
How are they? Been wanting to pull the trigger on them for a while now since they seem to be one of the few nice looking captoe oxfords with a Dainite sole. How is the fit and leather quality?
They look great indeed, such a shame the 026 last doesn't seem to agree with my feet (8f is just a tiny bit too small lengthwise and 8.5f is way too roomy)
Does this comparison also work for the Herring by AS line vs AS Exclusive?
That's Loake's 024 last if I'm not mistaken. Can you post a pic of the inner style and last stamp?
Lucky find: NOS Grenson Masterpiece oxfords. Closed channel stitching and beveled waist goodness on a sleek last.
I wonder if anyone who owns SL boots and/or shoes for a while now can comment on how the quality is in the long run. How have they aged?
Thank you for your responses. I'll have my cobbler take a look at the tongue issue to see if it's crooked or not. If it's not faulty I might have him attach the tongue to one side of the boot. Can any of you post pictures of how a tongue is stitched to one side? All along the tongue or just at some spots?
This is the original Herring Holmes made by Cheaney and the tongue indeed is not stitched to the side of the boot to keep it straight. I'm wondering if this is actually needed because I've never had this issue before with other boots and only the left boot has this issue. Can it be that the tongue is installed not entirely straight at the base?
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