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Just in a new pair from the friendly folks @patinePL: Last 915 is such a great fitting last. Also ordered these wonderful Balmoral boots but again the shaft is much too wide for my feet, even though these were in F width. Really a shame since the makeup of these boots is just wonderful and the leather and suede were very nice and soft. Hopefully one day Yanko will make boots with a regular sized shaft. Also another picture of my navy shell cordovan Yanko shoes...
I took the trees out before taking the pictures. I always store them with trees.The wrinkles on the right two shoes are more coarse than on the right one. What does that say about leather quality?
I noticed this Ebay listing: Doesn't have the handgrade signs, but can anyone confirm they are made by C&J?
How should a balmoral boot shaft fit? I have some pairs where it is a snug fit which I prefer and I have one pair where the fit is loose (I can fit a thumb in the shaft easily white its fully laced). What is your experience with bal boots? Alfred Sargent: Too tight? Yanko: Too loose? Meermin (Left one): Just right? - Yanko again on the right
Here are three of my Cheaney shoes. All three are from the same range and thus can be expected to be of the same quality. As you can see, two of them (the 2 right ones) have some pretty pronounced creases and one (which is the oldest and most worn coincidentally) not. My question is: is the difference in creasing caused by the quality of the leather of by the last (combined by how they fit my foot) and/or type of shoe? The two shoes on the right with the most creases...
Yes, what I understand is that most people size up half a size. I once ordered 2 Ramsey shoes, one in suede and one in calf. The leather one was way too small so I had to exchange it for half a size bigger. The suede one was tight but was bearable.
The instep is fine but the last is shorter than other AS lasts
Wow, just wow.... And all of the clothes are made of 100% synthetic fabric. If these shoes wouldn't kill you the clothes would have. How did people get through the day/night in them? Can't imagine it to be comfortable.
You might get more appreciation here:
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