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How are yours holding up? Mine are creasing quite badly at the vamp, like they are made of 2nd grade (belly) leather.
And another pair of CS sweetness arrived today:
I also received my Black Friday goodness today from @Afinepairofshoes just two days after placing the order. Incredible deal and great service, thank you AFPOS!
How do they fit compared to Carlos Santos and Alfred Sargent?
@Afinepairofshoes What is the quality of NPS shoes and boots? Are the insoles made of real leather and what material are the heel an toe stiffeners made of? And for which other brands do they produce their shoes? Thanks!
It's the AS 724 last
You're right, my bad. I'll change my previous post.
They are a pretty old UK brand who also make shoes for fasion brands like Thom Browne and Marc mcNairy. They also make officer shoes and boots for the UK army. There are various ranges of quality they produce and I only have experience with their Diplomat range which is their top line. In my opinion they are comparable to the Loake 1880 range (maybe a bit above even) and below C&J, Carmina and CS. They are well constructed but the leather quality can be better in my...
How is the fit? It looks like you could use wider shoes.
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