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Unfortunately, my Carmina boots on the Alcudia last are way too tight for my feet and I need to return them. What return address have you used if needed to return to Carmina directly? Their website says to return to the address mentioned on the invoice or delivery note but they have two different addresses printed on them.... Address on digit invoice received by e-mail: ALTA ZAPATERIA BALEAR, S.L. Ctra. Palma - Alcudia, Km 30,300 07300 - Inca Mallorca - EspaƱa Address...
Great selection @patinePL. When will your site be translated to English? Would like to order some time but it's not easily understandable now.
Received the shoes I bought in great condition! Thanks @sartorialism !
Check the link you provided: SPECIAL BLACK FRIDAY GMTO'S ONLY AVAILABLE FOR BLACK FRIDAY In 45 days you will receive your exclusive limited edition shoes.
Herring William II (made by Alfred Sargent) Upon opening the box I noticed a dark spot on the vamp of the right shoe (left ion the picture). Acceptable or not?
Some nice shoes for sale for great prices
I did 4 weeks ago and then they told me it should take about 10 to 15 more days.
Anyone here received their September ordered MTOs yet? Mine still haven't arrived and due date was November. N. Group: [211] - 101534 - GREEN ANTIQUE CALF https://meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=218
Same here with a pair of green oxfords
Just a few more hours left!
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