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I did 4 weeks ago and then they told me it should take about 10 to 15 more days.
Anyone here received their September ordered MTOs yet? Mine still haven't arrived and due date was November. N. Group: [211] - 101534 - GREEN ANTIQUE CALF https://meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=218
Same here with a pair of green oxfords
Just a few more hours left!
Some shoes/boots I'm selling. Check out the very rare custom grade Alfred Sargent shell cordovan balmoral boots! Alfred Sargent custom grade shell cordovan balmoral boots UK 8.5 F - MADE IN UK Carmina black Shell Cordovan derby shoes - UK 8 F - MADE IN SPAIN - RRP 690 eur Cheaney FS029 mahogany grain Boots - Dainite soles - UK 8 F - MADE IN ENGLAND Poulsen Skone Gieves & Hawkes Brown Suede Chukka Boots - UK 8 - MADE IN ENGLAND Alfred Sargent Moore oxford...
How come they are this stiff in the first place? My other balmoral boots by Alfred Sargent are very supple when new, even the cordovan ones.
Received my first MTO order yesterday from Meermin: https://meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=216# Although the color is darker than the pictures on their site I am still content with how they look. When I tried them on I noticed how stiff the leather is, especially the heel. Any tips how to break them in without too much blistering and pain? Actual pictures:
Navy Church Sahara (dark edge crêpe sole)
X-post from the Meermin thread: Isn't the insole of a handwelted shoe supposed to be flat? This pair of LM shoes has some kind of stitching groove on the insole, almost looks like they are Blake stitched. Is this normal?
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