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Sale @ Patine:
Yes, and still a horrible conversion to euro prices
Managed to obtain some NOS top drawer pair on the 137 last.
First wear of Church's Burghley
NOS Church's Burghley, very comfortable
@Leaves is there an ETA on the CS field boot restock?
I own multiple (balmoral) boots from different makers and none fit as wide as Yanko boots do. It's not only that they fully close, but they even leave enough room for a thumb to fit between the shaft and my leg.
Just in a new pair from the friendly folks @patinePL: Last 915 is such a great fitting last. Also ordered these wonderful Balmoral boots but again the shaft is much too wide for my feet, even though these were in F width. Really a shame since the makeup of these boots is just wonderful and the leather and suede were very nice and soft. Hopefully one day Yanko will make boots with a regular sized shaft. Also another picture of my navy shell cordovan Yanko shoes...
I took the trees out before taking the pictures. I always store them with trees.The wrinkles on the right two shoes are more coarse than on the right one. What does that say about leather quality?
I noticed this Ebay listing: Doesn't have the handgrade signs, but can anyone confirm they are made by C&J?
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