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Onitsuka Tiger injector DX in canvas off-white
I just had a similar problem. Huge olive oil drop on my tan Grenson Rose Oval shoe. Tried the following: - Soak the spot with a cloth with hot water -> almost no result - Put some dishwashing liquid on it, then soak the spot with a cloth with hot water-> helped a bit - Put a few drops of lemon juice (from one of these plasic lemon squeezers) on the oil spot, after a few mins soak the spot with a cloth with hot water -> the spot is completely GONE!
Would you ship to Europe? (I'd pay for the extra shipping costs ofcourse). And can you fit the green pair in a USPS priority flat rate envelope (since that is the cheapest airmail option)?
Mind that the Loake 202 is of very cheap quality though. Only half leather lined and the insole is made of some kind of cardboard which doesnt breathe at all.
Falke as some others have stated above: http://www.falke-shop.com/gb/special...y-sneaker.html
Got these 2 weeks ago, brand is Giorgio The are completely lined with fur on the inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by runner-guy I agree. The fact anyone charges $148 for Levi's is idiotic. That is the regular price here in Europe for a pair of Levi's
Do the "8 1/2D Heschung suede captoe" shoes fit a UK size 8F?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Vibram yes, Dainite no. I bring my own dainite to my cobbler. And where do you buy the Dainite soles? They are impossible to find here too.
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