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Thank you for the picture and information. I'm surprised the last is even shorter than Loake's 026 since that already is a very short last in my opinion.
Sorry to reply in such an old thread but I wondered if anyone knows how Sanders boots with an F width fitting fit? Are they on a short last like the Loake 026 last or are they a bit longer?
For who may be interested: I bought a pair of Grenson samples on Ebay last year and they still had the original tag attached from the factory in India (Kenmore Shoes, http://www.farida.co.in/group_companies.php#). Back side:
I don't think these are from the rose line, must be some kind of MTO masterpiece like range.
Oh my, I would have expected the G1 range to be produced in England at that price point. Seems they have moved their entire production to India then. I hope the customer service rep made an error in her mail. Cant believe the Christians are part of the G1 range since other G1 shoes I saw were in the 400+ UK Pound range: http://www.mrporter.com/product/177008
The last pair I got (Sharp boots) has leather insoles. To be hones, I've never seen Grenson's with a fiberboard insole (Did see them on the Loake L1 range tho). The problem with current Grenson;s is that the overall leather quality is crappy and the level of finishing is sub par (botched stitching, paint spots etc).
Very nice!
I'll have my cobbler take a look what the exact issue is when I'll take them to him for a full resole this weekend. I'll ask him to take pictures of the welt when the sole has come off.
Yes, I do, But I think all current Grenson shoes are overpriced compared to their lineup a few years back. Nowadays all they have is made in India for almost the same price as they used to charge for made in England shoes (the Rose line). I mean, 200 UKP for made in India shoes? (see http://www.grenson.co.uk/en_gb/shop) I have many pairs of Grenson shoes and ordered one pair since the Tim Little takeover only to discover they have gone downhill quality wise. I would stay...
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