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Mind that the Loake 202 is of very cheap quality though. Only half leather lined and the insole is made of some kind of cardboard which doesnt breathe at all.
Falke as some others have stated above: http://www.falke-shop.com/gb/special...y-sneaker.html
Got these 2 weeks ago, brand is Giorgio The are completely lined with fur on the inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by runner-guy I agree. The fact anyone charges $148 for Levi's is idiotic. That is the regular price here in Europe for a pair of Levi's
Do the "8 1/2D Heschung suede captoe" shoes fit a UK size 8F?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Vibram yes, Dainite no. I bring my own dainite to my cobbler. And where do you buy the Dainite soles? They are impossible to find here too.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman How much cheaper than $100 could you possibly get for a quality job? I would just let AE resole it. Of course some on this forum simply buy new shoes so they never have to resole old ones. According to http://resole.com/Leather-Soled-Shoe-Repair.aspx they'll do it for $55. If you'll get a quality job is a question I can't answer though since I have no experience with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I think they are Goodyear welted, but regardless of the type of construction they look like corrected grain and are from one of Grensons lower lines (Footmaster I think) so should be avoided. Even worse: They are from the Feathermaster range. Haven't bought them (I never buy shoes where the internal lining is not leather), was just wondering about the welting technique since I had a hard time...
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe You might mean a "╦ťbonwelt', which is a glued-in strip (leather, leatherboard or even plastic), which gives the look of a welted construction, but is simply decorative. http://www.barbourcorp.com/pdf/welting_catalog.pdf Quote: Originally Posted by StopPolloition It looks like Goodyear welt to me. But where do you see the top-side stitches then?
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