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Check out http://www.styleforum.net/t/227731/quality-of-grenson-shoes for a recent thread about Grenson shoes. My advise: avoid their current line (all made in India now, none made in England). I too was a huge Grenson fan, but moved over to Cheaney and Barker.
A resoling job fixed the issue. The shoes are gemmed the cobbler told me, disappointing for a Grenson Rose shoe. The gemming hadn't slipped, it was still fixed to the insole. So it was just a weird bent in the outsole it seems, probably due to the gait of the previous owner.
Thank you for the picture and information. I'm surprised the last is even shorter than Loake's 026 since that already is a very short last in my opinion.
Sorry to reply in such an old thread but I wondered if anyone knows how Sanders boots with an F width fitting fit? Are they on a short last like the Loake 026 last or are they a bit longer?
For who may be interested: I bought a pair of Grenson samples on Ebay last year and they still had the original tag attached from the factory in India (Kenmore Shoes, http://www.farida.co.in/group_companies.php#). Back side:
I don't think these are from the rose line, must be some kind of MTO masterpiece like range.
Oh my, I would have expected the G1 range to be produced in England at that price point. Seems they have moved their entire production to India then. I hope the customer service rep made an error in her mail. Cant believe the Christians are part of the G1 range since other G1 shoes I saw were in the 400+ UK Pound range: http://www.mrporter.com/product/177008
The last pair I got (Sharp boots) has leather insoles. To be hones, I've never seen Grenson's with a fiberboard insole (Did see them on the Loake L1 range tho). The problem with current Grenson;s is that the overall leather quality is crappy and the level of finishing is sub par (botched stitching, paint spots etc).
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