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I agree with poster above. Get the masterpiece ones or even the rose or old rushden line. Just avoid the current series (as seen on http://www.grenson.co.uk/shop?limit=all). @freedom_fries: have you ever owned a pair of Grensons from before last year when Grenson was taken over by Tim Little? The difference in quality is huge imo and currently nowhere near acceptable for it's price range.
I would stay away from the new line of Grenson shoes, they are of low quality. I used to love Grenson shoes (not only the Rose line: I even have some of the old Rushden line which I like) but the quality has gone downhill it seems. I recently bought a tan brown Grenson Sharp and tan grain Dylan, but am not impressed by them. Especially the leather quality and overall finishing is disappointing (all made in India from cheap materials now I guess).
Didn't know they did a Dutch translation. Bought my copy a few weeks back from amazon.de (English version of the book) for 9 euros including free shipping to NL.
Hi Nick, thanks for the heads up. Slightly off-topic: but how are you experiences with the Vibram Eton sole (Dainite studded sole look-alike)?
That's why I think all factory stores should open a web shop or eBay store themselves (like Trickers and Loake)
Got another reply (I asked if the soles were Dainite's): "The Coniston Full Brogue Shoe were made in India and the Conker Lindale Military Boots were made in England. I am sorry to inform you that we do not have the information with regards to what type of rubber the soles are made of."
I received an update from CT: "Having checked with our Buyers, I can confirm that the Chestnut keswick waxy chukka boots are made in India, with skills taken from our Northamptonshire craftsmen who have their own factories there." So I guess these are not to the Loake 1880 standards then since I assume all Loake 1880 shoes are made in England?
Today I'm wearing Barker Grant in denim suede
Thanks for the helpful comment. Would these 026 lasted shoes be made to the 1880 standard or are they of a lesser quality (since they are cheaper)?
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