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I haven't gotten a reply in the 514 thread so I'm asking again here: I often see the word "vert" with some Levi's 514s. I know it means "green" in French, but what is the deal with these particular 514s? Is the the longer back pocket maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by syc Just FYI, Levi's will have two new raw colors for fall (should start seeing them around 6/1 in some places): Raw Green and Raw Grey. 'Dirty Rigid' and 'Tumbled Rigid' should continue to be available. Any idea where to get these online (and ships to Europe)? Cant seem to find them on Ebay.
Does anyone have experience with obtaining Dainite soles and heels online? I'm not looking for a re-crafting service, but just for a place where to order the soles and heels to have them fitted by my own cobbler. Where I live (The Netherlands) it seems impossible to find a cobbler who has any Dainite soles in stock or who can order them, so I'm looking for an online source.
Isn't it cardboard? I have a pair of Loake L1 oxford wingtips that have it inside of it. Horrible stuff that makes my feet sweat like hell. Never wear them again.
Morning suit during the day, dinner suit during the evening/night.
Thanks for your reply. I've found that thread earlier but it doesn't say much about yarmouth vs classic fit.
No one?
Does anyone know what the difference is between a Ralph Lauren dress shirt which says "classic fit" on the label and is made of thick oxford cotton and a Ralph Lauren dress shirt which says "yarmouth" on the label and is also made of thick oxford cotton? Is the fit different or is there no difference at all?
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Are they jeans or Levis Sta-Prest trousers? jeans, see http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LEVIS-MENS-605...item4149947fc1 for example
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