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Did you buy them in a store and were they sold in that John Spencer box?
Just in my mailbox: code HSSUB20 can be used to get 20% off on all full priced shoes at Herring (also the non-Herring branded ones).
Yes, the shoes are new and worn not more than 10 times. What seems odd to me is that it looks like the uppers are just glued to the welt/sole. I cannot seem to see any thread or needle holes in the part of the uppers that have separated.
I am wondering how this is possible since I thought this couldn't happen to a Goodyear welted shoe? I was under the impression that the uppers were stitched to the insole/welt instead of glued. The shoes are made by Barker, model name is Grant.
Can you add pictures of the outsole and insole?
Yes, Herring has their shoes made by Loake, Cheaney, Barker and Alfred Sargent. Compare the lasts to see who makes what.
I don't see a Goodyear stitching line in the picture of the bottom of the shoes. Can you double check and post pictures of the stitching?
How is the Vibram sole installed? Glued to the original leather sole (original heel removed)?
Glad you think that of the Dutch-English accent since most people think we sound like
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