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Tell me what went wrong here:eBay auction ad:received:More here: http://imageshack.us/g/696/img00881201110071956.jpg/
You are twisting words.Where have i stated that I believed it was a knock off before I bought it? I wrote I was suspicious about it because of the seller's location (Taiwan). When I enquired about the shirt the seller claimed it to be authentic and identified herself as a genuine RL sales manager. I also wrote that I am happy with the shirt's fit and quality, but do not like the fact it is a fake while being sold as an original.I also did not write that I am happy with my...
In all "how to spot fakes" guides it's mentioned that RL Polo oxford shirts have single stitching on the sides instead of double stitching. That was a clue for me. I own about 30 RL polo shirts bought at full retail at official stores in the US and Europe and they all have single stitched sides. The one I got from Taiwan has double stitched sides.I live in Europe (Netherlands) by the way and we don't have outlets where you can get $20 Polo oxford shirts. Full retail they...
I'm not complaining about the shirt, the shirt's quality and fit is fine and I like it.Shirt looked fine for a good price so bought it. Accepted the fact it might be fake, but was amazed to find out the seller identified herself as an RL employee and thought that was worth looking in to. I started this topic to share my concern about the reaction of RL being not interested at all in corporate identity fraud.That, and the fact that she ended one of her e-mails with "Thank...
Nah, I'm not going to put any more effort in this matter. I'm just amazed that a company who suffers from world wide counterfeiting issues isn't taking any measures at all when a clear case is being presented to them. I'm also amazed they claim to aim for "legendary service" as they say in all their e-mail responses but can't seem to be bothered to answer two simple customer concerns.
I was browsing Ebay for some RL Polo oxford shirts when I noticed seller soft_rocks who was offering them for a competitive price. Being located in Taiwan I was weary about the authenticity of the offered goods, but I decided to order one shirt to sample. Upon receipt I noticed they were knock offs (very goods ones though) because of some stitching patterns that were different from my other RL shirts which I bought in a real life RL store.The seller ofcourse denied it...
Yeah, been watching this seller for a while now and he buys the shoes he's selling off Ebay too for cheap (20 - 50 UKP) and resells them for 100 - 200 UKP. No problem with that but I noticed he isn't completely honest about the condition of the shoes.
I agree with poster above. Get the masterpiece ones or even the rose or old rushden line. Just avoid the current series (as seen on http://www.grenson.co.uk/shop?limit=all). @freedom_fries: have you ever owned a pair of Grensons from before last year when Grenson was taken over by Tim Little? The difference in quality is huge imo and currently nowhere near acceptable for it's price range.
I would stay away from the new line of Grenson shoes, they are of low quality. I used to love Grenson shoes (not only the Rose line: I even have some of the old Rushden line which I like) but the quality has gone downhill it seems. I recently bought a tan brown Grenson Sharp and tan grain Dylan, but am not impressed by them. Especially the leather quality and overall finishing is disappointing (all made in India from cheap materials now I guess).
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