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Read and weep: Returned the item tracked and registered (signature required) and sent the details to Ebay. Since the online tracking page doesn't show the destination address, just the fact that the parcel has been delivered, Ebay asked me to scan the proof of postage. So I did. The proof of postage shows the tracking number, destination country and destination post code (which matches the seller's details). Now I got a message from Ebay that this doesn't prove the...
Thanks, will try both of the sellers you mentioned.
Yes I have and they don't sell to consumers unfortunately.
I can send them to a cobbler here in The Netherlands to have Dainite soles put on, that's not the point. I want to buy the soles separately so my own local cobbler can put them on.
I live in Europe, so it won't be very effective to send my shoes to the USA for a resole. But if he will sell them and ship overseas, that might be an option.
Since a cobbler that stocks Dainite studded soles is impossible to find in my area, I was wondering if there are any online sellers that sell these rubber soles (or the Vibram Eton or Mini Lug soles) separately so I can take them to my local cobbler to have my soles replaced. Google wasn't any help in this matter, so hopefully some of you have any experience on this issue.
I would ignore their current collection and look out for some alternatives that are of better quality (Loake 1880 series, Herring Classic II)
As I wrote before: I don't live in the USA and a RL Polo shirt is about $115 here
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