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Yes I have and they don't sell to consumers unfortunately.
I can send them to a cobbler here in The Netherlands to have Dainite soles put on, that's not the point. I want to buy the soles separately so my own local cobbler can put them on.
I live in Europe, so it won't be very effective to send my shoes to the USA for a resole. But if he will sell them and ship overseas, that might be an option.
Since a cobbler that stocks Dainite studded soles is impossible to find in my area, I was wondering if there are any online sellers that sell these rubber soles (or the Vibram Eton or Mini Lug soles) separately so I can take them to my local cobbler to have my soles replaced. Google wasn't any help in this matter, so hopefully some of you have any experience on this issue.
I would ignore their current collection and look out for some alternatives that are of better quality (Loake 1880 series, Herring Classic II)
As I wrote before: I don't live in the USA and a RL Polo shirt is about $115 here
That is exactly the lesson I learned, thanks. Promised myself this was the last pair of used shoes I bought.
It's the same pair alright.Unfortunately I couldn't
My response:Seller responded again Now I am puzzled: How the hell can you totally wear down a new pair of C&J in 5 weeks? These shoes look worse than some of my shoes I own for more than 4 years.Don't know, but will find out if eBay does side with the seller because I'm going to escalate to Visa then.Have to wait for 9 days before I can ask for a ruling unfortunately.
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