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I received an update from CT: "Having checked with our Buyers, I can confirm that the Chestnut keswick waxy chukka boots are made in India, with skills taken from our Northamptonshire craftsmen who have their own factories there." So I guess these are not to the Loake 1880 standards then since I assume all Loake 1880 shoes are made in England?
Today I'm wearing Barker Grant in denim suede
Thanks for the helpful comment. Would these 026 lasted shoes be made to the 1880 standard or are they of a lesser quality (since they are cheaper)?
CT responded to my question: "We are unable to provide you with any information regarding our suppliers as this is strictly confidential. I will however check with our Buying Team on where these are made and update you shortly. As manufacturers produce their shoes differently, we are unable to provide a comparison with other brands."
CT has a new collection of shoes with a dainite sole (http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/mens-shoes/view-all?q=1hubb3|||||||||||||||) and I wondered if anyone can identify the maker. Especially interested in the Chukka's if they are made by Loake and Kempton clones (026 last).
Wonder how that works at Grenson since I havein tan grainandin grey suede,which I bought as samples off Ebay and both are made like the Rushden line with the red footbed. The one's on the Rider shop look identical, except the latter pair have the style number inside a "window" in the shoe as and mine doesn't.Would they make identical models in the Rushden line and the Masterpiece line where they look identical but they differ in quality?/edit:here's the grey suede pair:
If it's a grease stain you could try lemon juice. Helped me to remove an olive oil stain once.
What price range are they in by the way?
Odd, works now indeed.
The site http://www.markowski-chausseur.fr/is gone. Have they gone out of business?
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