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I assure you, these are not supposed to be seconds so I would send Herring a message about it.
Colorful weekend
Yes, if you check the Herring site you'll see that some of their shoes are made in Spain. Thanks for identifying John Spencer as their manufacturer.
I think you can compare them to the current G1 range. But that said, I wouldn't pay 230UKP for them since they are old stock. Would pay that if they were old stock Masterpiece range Grensons though.
For those who want to know what happened afterwards.I sent them back to the Barker's factory and they mailed the following:"We have received your shoes for repair and after inspection we find that the ribbing (a material used in the construction of the sole) has been stitched to far back at the flex point on the right shoe, which in turn causes the leather upper to roll back.We can resolve the problem by way of resoling and re-heeling the shoe which will be carried out...
That shop must be selling new old stock since the Footmaster range dissapeared long ago (got replaced by the Rose Collection range, and even that one is now replaced by the G1/G0 range). From what I know the footmaster range is of pretty decent quality, although the Rose Collection range is suppused to be better.
See post above
This is what the email said:"We noticed that you requested a shoe from our sale or seconds area but we have not had the shoes to match your request.To try and help you find a suitable pair of shoes at a special price we would like to give you a 20% discount code that you can use against any full price shoe purchase during the month of August."
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