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Yes they are a G width indeed. I got size 8 which is my regular size for shoes made by Grenson, Alfred Sargent, Cheaney and C&J. I do need size 8.5 in Church though. I normally wear F width shoes and boots but do own some Grenson boots in 8G.What surprises me is that these Yanko boots have very wide shafts. As you can see the lacing closes entirely on the top part of the boots with room to spare. None of my other boots have this.
Just in: Pros: great color, very supple leather Cons: Laces way too long and shaft is wider than other boots I own (and my feet are rather on the wide side than on the slim side) Minor QC issue: Multiple (5) speed hooks were completely pressed down, had to pry them open with a flathead screwdriver. @patinePL @Skolyx: Do you know if there are any derby laced boots on last 915? And is your experience also that last 960 in G width has a pretty wide shaft? Will...
Quality shop is online only. They have a shop in shop in The Hague but that is on the west coast of the Netherlands, about a 2 hour drive from the German border.
@patinePL Keep adding those natural sunlight outdoors pics! They make the shoes and boots look so much better than the stock pictures. Immediately ordered another pair of boots ☺
Loake 1880 Hyde maiden voyage. Pretty good for a beater boot.
They are comparable (at least for me)
Wonder who makes them. My guess is Sanders.
Couldn't agree more
Hi, where will the shoes be sent from?
Here you go:Rain boot VS 915 shoe. Both in size 8. The rain last tapers more towards the toes which results in a very snug fit for me. Size 8.5 in rain is too big for me causing heel slip. 915 in 8 is close to a perfect fit for me.You can also see that the shoe trees (both size 8) expand more in the 915 shoes than in the rain boots. I can even fit a size 8.5 shoe tree in the 915 lasted shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: