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With all the Yanko love going on here I think I should also share my experiences with Yanko directly. While I agree that their shoes are of great value and their dealer is a pleasure to deal with, customer service of the Yanko factory itself is a whole different story. As some of you might remember I own a pair of navy blue cordovan Yanko cap toe Oxford shoes. After a couple of wears they developed clearly visible water spots which wouldn't buff out. I emailed...
The 11028 together with the 205 are my favorite Cheaney lasts
Herring Churchill by Cheaney on the 11028 last. Approximately 5 years old.
Here they are: The 915 last fits me very well it's just that the boots have wide shafts which I am not fond of. The 915 last fits like Carmina rain with a wider toe box. Check out the Yanko thread for more details.
I normally receive my packages from patine just a few days after ordering. Have you asked them yet what the status is?
I have the exact same issue so I'm resurrecting this thread in hope to find an answer to why this happens.
How are they? Got any fit pics?
They look better irl than the stock photos. Can you post some more pictures?
some models half price at Herring:
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