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They look great. Are there any good pictures available of their balmoral boots?
Last year I asked my cobbler for snow and ice proof soles and he installed Vibram Raptor soles on my leather soled boots. I have to say, they offer the best traction I've ever experienced without the shoe soles looking bulky. I also own Dainite studded and commando soled boots but these Vibram ones are better in my opinion in ice and snow.
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Might do that, thanks. Although I don't know if they are available here in western Europe.
Thanks for your replies. So if I understand correctly the 024 last is comparable to the capital last length wise and therefore longet than the 026 last? The 026 last is definately shorter than any lasts I've come across in Grenson, Cheaney and Barker. There is even a clear distinction when I insert the same size 8 shoe tree in for instance the Loake Pimlico (capital) and Loake Kempton (026). The shoe tree looks crammed inside the Kempton.
/offtopic What I have been wondering for a while now: Some, quite a few actually, members refer to each other as "uncle" and "nephew". Do we have an entire SF family aboard here? Or am I missing out on a new trend?
I have the exact same question and decided that resurrecting this thread is better than to start a new one. I own a pair of Kemptons in size 8F which are on last 026. I find this to be a very short last, perhaps a bit too short for me. The Loake capital last in size 8F is a perfect fit for me. Can anyone comment on how Loake's 024 last (F width) compares to the 026 or capital last?
Update: this listing now includes free worldwide shipping.
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