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My guess these are samples where they only made one left and one right shoe. It's a shame they are being sold this way because they are genuine Grenson Masterpiece shoes.
http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=151177193895 Selling a mismatching pair of shoes as a new kind of fashion statement is pretty clever if you ask me.
Any clue who made these? Seller claimed made by Grenson, but the printing inside the shoe looks unfamiliar to me. Also the nail pattern is off (Grenson has 7/11 nails to the sides of the heel, these have 7/10) /edit: just noticed that my grenson masterpiece shoes do have the 7/10 nail arrangement while the Rose line has 7/11
Had to Google red-rot but that pretty much describes the leather on these boots DWF. Strange since these are new boots and not used ones. Incorrect storage maybe the cause I guess. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_rot_(leather) Actual auction:http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=121205763258
I was happy to have found a Cheaney sample boot in a museum calf like color on eBay but received them like this: Teared leather and large cracks. What can cause this? Dried out leather?
Kiwi aqua stop (aka Super protector) works just the same in my experience. And is just over 2 euros in my local supermarket here.http://www.kiwicare.com/kiwimcmssite/us/products/leather/super-protector.html
These are made by Sanders, does anyone know for whom since they are unbranded. I'm thinking a US retailer since the sizing info is in both UK and US format which is not seen on Sanders branded shoes. The pull tab reminds me of Mark McNairy but I think their tabs are always red, white and blue, right?
I have a pair of Daks wholecuts that are made by Grenson.
Lukewarm water, shampoo and a brush is how I do it (just like suede)Watch out if the canvas is light colored since the leather lining might stain it after it has become wet.
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