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Isn't the insole of a handwelted shoe supposed to be flat? This pair of LM shoes has some kind of stitching groove on the insole, almost looks like they are Blake stitched. Is this normal?
Does anyone know which C&J loafer model this is? And do C&J loafers fit TTS or is it wise to size up?
I've asked the seller and he assured me these are not seconds. According to him Meermin stamps all shoes with an R that are not sold directly by them.I also asked Meermin, they state that the R stamp soes not always mean that the shoes are rejected but can also mean they are samples.
Thank you for your responses. My feet aren't over-pronating, I was sitting in an awkward position to make these shots with my phone :-) Also, the stitches aren't ripped, it just looks as if my foot is too big for the vamp to cover weirdly enough. I'm guessing they indeed are too tight unfortunately, which is odd since these are made by Grenson on their masterpiece last 91 which is usually a perfect fit form me. This is the exact same pair by the way (in a different size...
Can anyone comment on what the ill fit of these boots is caused by? Instep of the boots too low for my feet maybe? I have never experienced this before so I am puzzled.
I indeed have paid less than retail, but buying factory seconds while they are advertised as brand new non-seconds does not feel right to me and I would not have bid this high if I knew they were seconds. But before I jump to conclusions I'll ask the seller what the R means, it might be something else.That's not true since he sells seconds but also samples and new in box shoes.
Can you add a picture of the soles?
Just received the "102494 - GOLD MUSEUM CALF" from Ebay (which is in the GMTO list now) and wondered what the R stamp on the insole means. The shoes were advertised as new with box but the R stamp made me wonder if they aren't rejects. Anyone ever seen Meermin shoes with the R stamp inside?
Yep, I just won one of his auctions and when I look at the bid history I see the same pattern.
Can you add pictures of the soles?
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