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As you are going to Northern Europe I would recommend boat shoes with a lug sole. Timberland has them: They are durable, comfortable for walking and can be used in various weather conditions (even snow/ice).
Just got these and wondered what is causing the odd creasing when I walk (see 2nd pic). The shoes are not too big or wide in my opinion, the toe box feels a bit too narrow actually. Will this cause any major permanent creasing when I actually start to wear them regularly?
Get these: http://www.bexley.com/Bexley/shoe-Embauchoirs-ACCPRD-EN.htm?blocReferrer=12621 They ship abroad and are on sale now.
Managed to get a hold of some NOS Grenson shoes in my size: Unknown Grenson Masterpiece semi-brogue oxford in dark brown: Grenson Kent (Rose collection) in burnt pine: Grenbson Chertsey unlined (Rose collection) in cognac: Grenson Maltby (Rose collection) in snuff suede:
Tried that before with a different pair of shoes but in the end the result wasn't satisfactory. I learned it's best to get shoes that fit properly from the start and get rid of the ones that don't.
Can anyone commment on how their studded rubber sole compares to a Dainite studded sole?
Ordered a pair of Grenson Radley's (old Rose collection) from their site But received these instead: They look nice and are of better quality (Masterpiece collection) but I'm returning them since the E width is just too tight for me. I find it strange how they could have made the mistake by putting the wrong shoes in the box although the SKU inside the shoes do match with the SKU on the box (but not to the SKU on my bill which is Radley Size 8 Colour Cognac...
Yes, you are right. I forgot they introduced these new lines recently.
Indeed, Rose is their old collection that was entirely made in England. Hence my post to warn you guys that Grenson is selling their last pairs of decent to good shoes. All new shoes they make are made in India which is very noticable quality wise.
Grenson Rose light brown suede Chelsea added: http://www.grenson.co.uk/en_gb/maltby
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