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Thank you for your helpful comment. I wonder if the shoes won't be too long if I size up half a size. I do own a pair of double monks on the Hiro last in size 8, and altough they are not a great fit for my feet they seem okay length wise. I did just put 'em up for sale on the B&S forum though because they feel as if my heels won't sink in deep enough. I also own a pair of derbies on the new rey last, and these do fit my feet pretty well, although a bit snug, but nothing...
Up for sale is this pair of Meermin Classic Collection double monks in black rapello suede on the Hiro last. I have only tried them on for about 15 minutes on a carpeted floor, but unfortunately they are not a good fit for me. See http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2695 for details (the pair on the site has a rubber sole, the pair up for sale has a leather sole with closed channel stitching). I am willing to sell them for 120 euros, worldwide shipping is included.
For sale is this pair of Meermin Classic Collection black rapello suede double monks with a closed channel leather sole on the Hiro last in size 8 UK. They don't fit me very well unfortunately so I'm letting them go. They were tried on once by me for about 15 minutes on a carpet, have not been worn outside. They come in their original box and one Meermin shoe bag. See http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2695 for further details (the one on the site has a rubber...
Since this is the New Rey in size 8 and it's way too tight, will the Olfe in the same size be a better choice for me? I normally wear UK size 8F in Grenson, Cheaney, Barker and C&J.
Dress shoes = leather sole
Nice shoes indeed, good to see they fit you well.
Don't post when you plan to go on here or you might get stalked ;-)
Okay, so they are too tight unfortunately. Up for sale if anyone's interested (size 8 UK): http://www.styleforum.net/t/332898/meermin-linea-maestro-3-eyelet-wholecut-size-8-uk/0_100
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