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Yanko in Navy Horween Cordovan on last 915, BR chinos, Happy socks
Yanko in Navy Horween Cordovan on last 915
Thanks! Will do.Here is a pic of me wearing them. The fit of the 915 last is perfect for my feet, wil definitely order some more.I opened a Andrés Sendra thread last night because I'm also interested in their men's shoes. I already know there women's boots since my wife owns several of them and they are of pretty good quality.
Sendra is a Spanish boot maker which now also makes men's shoes. They seem to fall in the same price range as Yanko, Carmina and Meermin Linea Maestro. I know their GY welted women's boots which are of decent quality. Has anyone seen their new line of men's shoes in real life yet? Some Q&A I received by e-mail earlier tonight (they are very responsive I found out, I got replies within minutes and it is evening here in...
Hi, I got them from the sales page of to them it's Horween shell.It looks like a left over MTO to me judging the special insole text
@Skolyx @patinePL How do last 960 and 970 compare to last 915 fit wise?
My first order of Yanko shoes. Bought them from Very content with the fit of the 915 last, will definately keep an eye on this brand. @patinePL what does the But w Butonierce text stand for?
Yes, that's where they are indeed. The second pic is taken standing up.Okay, thanks. Will sizing up to 8.5 help or will that cause heel slip?I thought rain was a wide last but I guess not then? I find my English shoes in standard width F to be wider than these rain lasted boots.
Incoming damage from Skoak @rain last. Please let me know what you think of the fit since they are a little snug around the pinky toes. Length is fine.
I don't agree. To me this is a case of taking pride in your work and wanting to deliver the best quality you can achieve given te circumstances. Especially when it's an MTO where you can expect to serve customers who seek something special and without obvious flaws.I just can't imagine being a worker that makes these shoes, seeing that the leather has issues and just continuing like nothing is wrong.Don't get me wrong, I will keep the shoes and not make a fuss about it...
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