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How can you look too well after shoes? ;-)They have seen some abuse though. I once stripped them entirely because I spilt some olive oil on them. I just gave them a good polish this afternoon that is why they are shining happily in the pictures above.
Grenson Oval (Rose collection) bought in 2008: When new:
No codes, just enter your size and press the sale button: Size 8 for instance http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/search-results.php?sizeid=7&fitid=2&brandid=&stype=1
For those who are interested: Herring's annual December sale has started.
Thanks for your response DWF. I do have a question: Why do you call it the heel seat instead of the welt? This is a 360° welted boot, is this part of the welt called differently?
One of my Loake Pimlico boots, which I've bough as bad weather boot, has an issue with the welt which I'd like to describe as splitting. I have worn these boots about 5 times. I always thought the welt was made out of one single strip of leather, but it looks like this welt has been made of some kind of pressed leather layers which are now separating. Has anyone ever seen this happen and should this be fixed or can't it hurt?
My guess these are samples where they only made one left and one right shoe. It's a shame they are being sold this way because they are genuine Grenson Masterpiece shoes.
http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=151177193895 Selling a mismatching pair of shoes as a new kind of fashion statement is pretty clever if you ask me.
Any clue who made these? Seller claimed made by Grenson, but the printing inside the shoe looks unfamiliar to me. Also the nail pattern is off (Grenson has 7/11 nails to the sides of the heel, these have 7/10) /edit: just noticed that my grenson masterpiece shoes do have the 7/10 nail arrangement while the Rose line has 7/11
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