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Hey NOBD, how are the boots? Can you give us your first hand experiences on the leather quality and fit? I'm also interested to find out how the quality of the insole is, is it real leather or leatherboard?
I also went to Vass, Buday and Rozsnyai. I was surprised how small the old Vass store is and how little they have on display. Their staff (two middle-aged females in my case) were very friendly. Of the 3 mentioned makers Rozsnyai's shoes appealed to me the most style-wise. Quality wise Vass looked to have better calf leather than the other two makers. I ended up empty handed, I guess I'm more appreciative of Northampton made shoes.
Soms pics I took today, the store itself is closed because of holidays unfortunately so I didn't get a chance to look inside. I will be back in Pest on Friday to check out some other stores.
That's surprising. I knew some of their shoes are made by Barker but I could have sworn by the looks their boots are rebranded Loakes.
Very nice!
King's Day here in .NL: Orange Church's Sahara Chukkas and royal blue BR pants.
Yes, I would go for your regular size indeed. I got these:http://www.loding.fr/_5_shoes_richelieus_heraclee-navy-box__471heracleebleumarine.html
I bought a pair last week in Paris and I usually wear size 8 in shoes from UK makers. I found size 8 in Loding to be a tad bigger/wider than I am accustomed to so I bought a size 7.5. After having worn them for 2 days I find them too snug so I probably should have stayed with my original size.
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