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Where will the shoes be sent from? US or EU?
That is what I thought too. So this means the lining has to come off partially to replace the eyelet and then restitched again. Wonder if it's worth the effort.
No one is going to notice but I wondered if it can have a negative impact on the lacing hole since it is not protected by a metal eyelet anymore. Can it tear for instance?
They are a pretty light tan. Here is a comparison to my Grenson tan shoes:
Herring Moriarty by Alfred Sargent. Would the difference in suede nap between the left and right boot be acceptable (see last picture)?
I bought a pair of NOS Gieves & Hawkes boots from Ebay and upon arrival I noticed one of the hidden metal eyelets has come loose. Will this be easily repairable since they are hidden?
Same here, I stick to masterpiece or rose collection and avoid the rest.
Inspired by Elvis:
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