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They are comparable (at least for me)
Wonder who makes them. My guess is Sanders.
Couldn't agree more
Hi, where will the shoes be sent from?
Here you go:Rain boot VS 915 shoe. Both in size 8. The rain last tapers more towards the toes which results in a very snug fit for me. Size 8.5 in rain is too big for me causing heel slip. 915 in 8 is close to a perfect fit for me.You can also see that the shoe trees (both size 8) expand more in the 915 shoes than in the rain boots. I can even fit a size 8.5 shoe tree in the 915 lasted shoes.
Looks like a cracking is starting to form indeed. I would contact the seller and ask for a solution.
@j ingevaldsson time for a review of this brand?
I would say UK 6.5 in your case. The 915 last fits on the roomy side
Can you post some actual pictures of your pair?
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