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Soms pics I took today, the store itself is closed because of holidays unfortunately so I didn't get a chance to look inside. I will be back in Pest on Friday to check out some other stores.
That's surprising. I knew some of their shoes are made by Barker but I could have sworn by the looks their boots are rebranded Loakes.
Very nice!
King's Day here in .NL: Orange Church's Sahara Chukkas and royal blue BR pants.
Yes, I would go for your regular size indeed. I got these:http://www.loding.fr/_5_shoes_richelieus_heraclee-navy-box__471heracleebleumarine.html
I bought a pair last week in Paris and I usually wear size 8 in shoes from UK makers. I found size 8 in Loding to be a tad bigger/wider than I am accustomed to so I bought a size 7.5. After having worn them for 2 days I find them too snug so I probably should have stayed with my original size.
How can you look too well after shoes? ;-)They have seen some abuse though. I once stripped them entirely because I spilt some olive oil on them. I just gave them a good polish this afternoon that is why they are shining happily in the pictures above.
Grenson Oval (Rose collection) bought in 2008: When new:
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